Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fibre-fever page forWendy

This is the fabric page I sent Wendy for July.  Her theme is Victorian.  I used TAP (Transfer Artist's Paper) for the first time, and I should have had some more practice.  The image is a photo of my grandmother in her going away outfit after her wedding in 1898, so I felt that the bits of image missing went with the age of the photo!  The pieces of lace I have stitched down are mostly from the stash I inherited from my mother-in-law, who used to do beautiful sewing.  I am lucky enough still to have quite a few pieces of lace left.
Our carpets were cleaned today and have dried reasonable well, despite the drizzly weather.  We have moved furniture out and then back and the dog kept getting more agitated all the time.  He is very glad to see everything back to normal now.
We had to leave the carpet cleaner to his job while we went to a funeral, it turned out to be a very sad event, although the man who died was nearly 81.  I often find when somebody old dies, the event, while sad, becomes a celebration of a long life and a chance to catch up with many friends and family you may not have seen for several years.  However, his wife was inconsolable, so it made for a very distressing funeral.
Now I think I shall sit in front of the TV and find a good DVD to watch while I do some hand sewing.


  1. What a lovely page Robin. I often prefer the sort of distressed look with images but my TAP always ends up printing perfectly!

    Hope you enjoyed your relaxation time.

  2. Your grandmother looks so beautiful Robin and surrounded by those gorgeous pieces of lace, she makes a very special page - I'm sure Wendy will love it. Glad the carpets dried. It's good in a way that the wife of the man who died can give vent to her grief - better for her, but distressing for those around her.

  3. Robin, well done on the fabric photo printing. I have only tried TAP once, with results less than pleasing. Your page is lovely, and I'm sure will be appreciated.

    My sympathies to your friend on her sad loss. Parting is never easy I suppose, and a long time spent together making it harder to cope I suppose.

  4. Robin, I love the way you have used the photo and lace. Linda has sent me some transfer paper but I have been too busy to try it.

    So sorry the funeral was so sad - they are never easy but it was good that you could be there for the living.

  5. This is so wonderful, i love the victorian theme....your work is wonderful


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