Monday, 21 April 2014

A very relaxing Easter break

I hope you have all enjoyed the Easter break as much as we have here.  The weather could not have been better, cooler nights and lovely sunny days.  I had planned to spend most of the time gardening, but somehow that did not happen.
Bill is making a miraculous recovery from the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or whatever it is that he has had for the last six months.  He is actually able to go out into the garden and do some pruning and a little bit of building again.  Yippee!
We are going away to the Gold Coast on Anzac Day, heading off to a conference down there.  There will be a lot of walking and standing around so I am very relieved Bill should be okay.

 I did a Gardens roster yesterday, then went for a wander with my camera.  The Gymnosperm garden has grown so much.  I should look for a photo from a couple of years ago to show how bare it was then.
 I never tire of this view
 Thankfully for a short while the lagoon is almost clear of all the water lettuce weed and is looking much nicer.
This skewiff photo shows the latest piece of felt I have made.  It is only small and will go into my section of the souvenirs stand at the Gardens.  Hopefully someone will like it.

i don't seem to have much of interest to say these days, but I should have some lovely photos after we have been away.

Now I really am going out into the garden to throw some fertiliser around.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Where has the time gone?

I seem to be having longer and longer gaps between blogs; I haven't even had time to read many blogs lately and I am missing you!

However I have had time at night to do some hand stitching.

 I didn't realise how similar these two pieces are till I put them together. 
The second one is quite a bit smaller however.  I have had so much fun with this course of Jackie's.  I have another couple of pieces waiting for stitch.
 The Oticanthus in my garden bed decided it liked the sunny side much better and has managed to creep through to the other side of the trellis.  It is really bluer than the photo shows, and is such a happy flower.
 It is really good for picking too as it lasts for well over a week - and in our tropical climate, that is very good going.
 I haven't shown a photo of Jock for ages.  We had just come back from a walk in  the Gardens, which he loves.
 I really do know where most of the time has gone - visiting doctors!  Bill is very slowly improving, but still needs to have a long rest (or sleep) after any physical exertion.  We are pretty certain it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so the road to recovery is likely to be long.  At least we know he can't possibly have a fatal illness.  He has had so many tests and scans there is nothing left to look at - and everything comes up showing nothing abnormal.  Frustrating from the point of view of diagnosing, but good to know all the same.

I had better get some dinner - and I will try to be back sooner next time.