Friday, 23 July 2010

Fibre-Fever page for July and some felt

This lovely page came today from Barbara in Germany.  She has done some lovely embroidery on it to make the flowers really stand out.  She also was kind enough to add somesweet little doves in the package.  The photos makes them look big but they are only about a centimetre across.

Woo hoo, I have actually made a small piece of felt which will probably become a spectacle case.  I know it doesn't look much, I have shown photos of each side of it, haven't decided which one to use yet.  I made some nuno felt in a workshop many years ago and could barely move for several days afterwards.  The energetic exercise needed for the felting did nothing to help my arthritis.  I swore off felting for ever after - till embellishers appeared on the scene.  Then Jacinta persuaded me that using the bubblewrap method of wet felting is very gentle so I have tried again.  I almost added some extra bits on top of the fibres, but I was sure I wouldn't really be able to make felt, so I chickened out.  I am hooked.  This piece which is about 35cm x 23cm only took about 3 hours in fits and I want some more time in the day to make some more!  I have tried several times to add a link to Jacinta's name with no success.  Click on the link on my side bar to get to her blog.

I am finally able to drive the car again, but still taking Bill supermarket shopping with me - I hope today was the last time.  he is not very patient when I sometimes have to double back to an aisle at the other end of the shop because I have forgotten where an item is shelved.  Mind you, I am not happy with doing that either, but if I give up and go home I only have to come back later!  Time to do some watering in the garden, no sign of rain and everything is drying out.


  1. Your felt is gorgeous Robin - great colours. I find feltmaking hard work and you need the right fleece to start with as I have found to my cost! Glad you are still improving and I'll send you some of our rain - I think we've had enough for now! Everywhere looks much fresher and greener but it's made all the weeds grow again.

  2. I have never had great success with felt-making but shall try again having seen yours.

    I know what you mean about taking husbands to supermarkets - really the two words are not designed to go in the same sentence.

  3. That felt is gorgeous Robin and so is the textile page. Glad you are improving.

  4. Robin, I love your felting. I have a Kimberley Dreaming Slushie here I'm trying to find the courage to use for felt making.....wish me luck. Love the page, it's just beautiful. I am pleased you are feeling a little stronger.

  5. Robin your felt looks so lovely and rich. the page and the tiny doves are gorgeous too.


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