Sunday, 15 August 2010

Blue salvia and Jock

This giant blue salvia has been looking magnificent for the past couple of weeks, but try as I might I can't get the really deep blue of the flowers, even in the closeup below.

I have been feeling really guilty that I haven't posted for so long.  I seem to have had a  huge dose of the go slows - I recovered very quickly physically from the hernia repair, but perhaps the anaesthetic affected me more than I thought, I have felt extrememly lazy and I am only now getting back into the swing of things.

Jock is in deep trouble.  This mess was half a sock and a neat ball of wool a couple of days ago!  Jock must have been feeling bored, he found my knitting bag and carted it outside, then worried it till he got it open and unravelled the ball of yarn, then tangelled it up beautifully! He also unravelled the sock I was knitting, thank goodness I hadn't quite got to turning the heel.  He knew he had done wrong as soon as he saw us come round the corner.  He had an absolute fascination with anything blue.  Bill was working outside today and had put a spray can of exdpanda foam on the ground.  Next thing he heard Jock chomping away, when he looked, Jock had pinched the blue lid from the can - just as well it was only the lid and he didn't chew on the nozzle of the expanda foam - now that would have been interesting.  We can't keep any blue heads on the irrigation system in the garden beds either.
No pictures to show of any creative work I have done, I do have a few things in the pipeline, but nothing at a stage to photograph.


  1. I can never capture true blues or purples with my camera - that blue salvia is glorious. Bad boy Jock! How strange that he loves blue things, but how frustrating too!! Hope you can reknit the sock.
    It takes me months to shake off the effects of anaesthetic - hope you feel livelier soon.

  2. The colour of the blue salvia is stunning. You have one weird dog there! I hope you are starting to regain some of your energy - looks like you'll need it if you are going to have to re-knit that sock. Could I perhaps suggest red socks for the future?


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