Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flowers in my garden

Here are a couple of photos of the zygocactus which have been in full bloom in my garden.  I was sure I had taken a photo of the beautiful white one with just a hint of pink in the flowers, but I seem to have lost it and of course the plant has almost finished flowering now!
I can't resist showing you a few more photos from the stunning ArtUWear display at the Textile Art Festival.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland

This entry was by Anne Enscoll entitled Alice in Underland.  The detail below shows the ants as buttons! 

I don't know who made this but I loved it - lots of felting
This entry by Carol Wilkes won the first prize.  Click on the photos to enlarge them to see the huge amount of work they have put into their entries.  Dale has some more on her blog, do visit them as well.

Now we are off to have dinner with the grandkids.  The weather has fined up here after a couple of cloudy days with high humidity but no rain.  Seems to be cooling down a bit, but not like the southern parts of Australia.  I am glad to be here.


  1. Great to have the photos of the art to wear, thought those ant buttons were fantastic. People have such wonderful imagination.
    My zygos are in full flower too, I love them at this time of the year.
    Getting over my horrible cold but now just feel tired. Very cold nights, John said this morning at 7 am at 2 degrees was warmer than the morning before when we went down to 1 but dont like the look of Canberra's night temps at all.
    I like the word verification, it is tosies.

  2. What a fabulous couple of posts Robin. The ArtUWear entries are stunning and the tea cosies are so imaginative. A visual feast, thank you.

  3. The colours of those flowers against their foliage is wonderful and the Art U Wear pics are fantastic - I've seen some on Dale's blog. It must have been a great event.

  4. Great pics again Robin. The Zygoes are beautiful. I've been looking after my neighbour's garden while she's been on holiday. Her's are full of blooms too. I have one here that is slightly lemon, edged with pink [only a baby and will only have three flowers this year].

    Love the ArtUWear entries too. Nice to see Carol Wilkes' work. I love her pieces, not to mention her sense of humour. Thank you for affording others the opportunity of seeing such work.


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