Sunday, 11 July 2010

Today's walk

Jock and I started our walk this afternoon at the opposite end of the Gardens from where we usually go.  These photos are of the replica of a Melanesian long hut which the Islanders have built, and recently rethatched.  There are some beautiful carvings inside, but we are not allowed to photograph them.
You may need to click on this to enlarge it enough to see the ducks having a lovely time, feeding and splashing.  The weed has just about all gone from this stretch thank goodness.
These grass trees, Xanthorrea species (not sure which one) look so majestic with their tall spikes.  The parrots love the flowers on them when they first come out, they squabble and carry on and push each other out of the way.
I love the fields of arrowing (flowering) cane at this time of the year.  Unfortunately the sun went behind a cloud just before I got close enough to take this photo so you can't see the wonderful effect of the light.  Looking one way, the arrows are all silver, then as you look back they have a beautiful purplish hue.
This memorial to the South Sea Islander cane cutters is about three quarter life size and is erected near the long hut.  The maps show the main islands from which the Islanders came.
Jock was completely spooked and did not want to come away. I had to pull quite hard on his lead, even then he kept wanting to go back.  He could still see it  from the car and was barking to be let out.  Bill reminded me that Jack was affected in the opposite way, he would not go anywhere near the statue.  We can't imagine what it is that is having such an effect on them!
Now I am off to watch Little Dorritt on the television.  I need an early breakfast tomorrow before I head off to hospital for the afternoon to have a hernia repair - only day surgery these days, so hopefully I shall be back out walking again before too long.


  1. Wonderful photos Robin. The long hut is amazing and I'd love to see those carvings but I imagine they are sacred. How strange that your two dogs should act in opposite ways to the statue. Hope your hospital visit went well and that you are comfortable again.

  2. The memorial sounds spooky!! But the photos are lovely.
    Good luck with your hospital stay, we'll be waiting to see what you get up to when you are up and around again.

  3. Robin, I love all these pics and descriptions of your walk around the gardens. So interesting. Thanks.


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