Sunday, 3 July 2016

Colour in the garden

My pot plants are showing plenty of colour and really brightening up the winter garden.  Yes, the cool weather has finally arrived, but the days are sunny and gorgeous.

 The caladium just keeps on showing off despite being almost totally neglected apart from watering.  The begonias are new this winter so should go on for several years I hope.
 Some of these begonias have been in the pot for over a year - they are so colourful and so easy to care for/
 This garden bed gets almost no sun in winter so I am trying some New Guinea impatiens, they are starting to make a great show now. I really think I will get Bill to dig out the Sasanqua Camellia - our climate is quite wron for them these days. I cut it right back last year but only had one flower this season, I supose it is a lovely shiny green shrub, but that is the best you could sat for it!
 Sorry, this photo taken on my phone is over exposed, but this corner of the garden bed is looking quite pretty at present.
 My eucharist lily survives neglect as well
 Not the most colourful of petunias, but all I could find the day we went shopping and they are flowering well.
I love this zygocactus and it always makes a very cheery show.

The garden is really being neglected apart from watering at present and I am what you might call an interesting diet!  I had surgery to repair a hiatal hernia repair a couple of weeks ago and am on a restricted diet for six weeks - two weeks liquid, two weeks puree and two weeks soft, then we will have roast pork and crackling to celebrate being back to normal!!! Actually it is not as bad as I first imagined.  I can have anything I want as long as I puree it well - I swapped from liquid on Thursday.  I spend most of my days trying to think what I can have which is a bit different, always remembering I still have to cook for Bill.  Several people suggested he should have to go on the same diet as I am having, but I am quite sure he would leave home first. Hopefully I will be slimmer at the end of this and the results are very definitely worth it.
Time for smoko and a fruit smoothie.