Thursday, 15 July 2010

What came in the post today

This lovely needlecase came in the post today.  I won it on a giveaway from Linda  If you click on the link it should take you to the page on her blog where she has described it.  The stitching is so precise and I love the inside of it too.

As well as the needlecase, Linda included a lovely lavender bag, all wrapped up in gold wrapping paper which will definitely go into my stash - it is like a very large lolly paper!  Thank you so much Linda.
I am amazed at how well I am able to move around so soon after the hernia repair.  I am upstairs in the office, I even managed to climb the stairs the day after surgery - very slowly I admit - and hanging on to the bannister, but I made it!  I don't plan to run around the block, but I managed to walk from the carpark to the supermarket this morning to replenish the groceries, aided(?) by my husband who is a very unwilling shopper, but he was glad to come today.  I am sure I will be back to almost normal activities by next weel.  Yippee!


  1. What a lovely gift Robin. Glad to hear that you are faring well after the repair. Make sure that you don't overdo it.

  2. So glad you are making such a good recovery after your surgery - well done! Love the needlecase and lavender bag - I love lavender.

  3. So nice to see your parcel arrived safely Robin, and you are happy with it. I love that 'flimsy' gold paper, and might try to see if it foils [???]. Great to hear you are up and around, but don't overdo it, slowly, slowly.

  4. Glad you are up and about.
    Started on the hug me tight last night.

  5. Robin, what a lovely gift to receive. Linda is so generous. The needlecase is really lovely.

    I do hope you don't overdue things as you recover.


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