Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Cyber Fyber ATCs

This is the lovely ATC I received from Susan Lenz at Cyber Fyber, which got me started on this blogging game. I had to learn what to do to put a message on her blog to choose the ATC. I haven't yet worked out how to put in links so you will need to get to her site by devious means. She has done a fantastic job organising all these swaps as well as the exhibition to be held next year.

The first four pictures are the four ATCs I am sending to Susan. I didn't read the instructions properly so I have sent three without any SAEs, but that will be remedied tomorrow when I send the fourth one. I was packing the others too late at night when I wasn't thinking straight - I am not a night owl like so many of the rest of you seem to be.

I haven't found out how to get the text around the pictures yet - more emails going to my friend Doreen soon - and I forgot that the pictures have to be loaded in reverse order. Anyway, I am sure anyone reading this will be able to work it out.

I managed to practise one small drawing this morning, will try to keep doing something every day, I know that is the only way to become confident, but I keep running out of time - two months of the year have gone already.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Learn to draw workshop

I have had so much fun this weekend, not sure that I am really very proficient at drawing, but here is one I did using water soluble coloured pencils. I had fun with a collage later, but that is not quite finished yet, so watch this space! There were ten of us there for the course, our tutor was very kind and said we were all doing excellent work. I really want to use my drawing in my textile work. I inspired several others to look up Dale's website to check on Playways on the Net. I had offcuts of mine in there which I used in my collage - maybe there will at last be some other like minded spirits in Mackay. Then we can meet occasionally to inspire each other. Won't that be good.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Drawing and floods

This is going to my year of learning how to - how to blog, how to draw - I am going to a class for absolute beginners this weekend. The description said 'for those who only think they can draw stick figures'. That fits me pretty well, and I would love to do a bit better for my textiles................we will see!

I was not sure if it would still be going ahead after the massive flooding we had here last Friday. At this stage the count is over 4000 homes and business inundated with a damages bill of $140m and still rising! Thank goodness we were lucky. We are in an older area which is not affected by flooding.

Now I have to see if I can upload this blog entry, then next week I will try to upload pictures!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Starting off

Hullo everyone. This is my first blog and it may be my last if I cannot learn a bit more about how to make anything work!! Most of the help clauses could be written in another language, but I hope to have more time in the next couple of days to understand how to insert photos and sort something out. At least I shall be able to leave comments on friends' blogs when I want to, but having got this far, I can't wimp out and not have something useful and interesting to contribute. More another day.