Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bits and Pieces

Look what is flowering here now - our congea vine is absolutely covered.
This is a close up of the flowers. Our grandkids love picking them and dropping them from a height - they spin like helicopter blades.  The catastrophe with our tree has some blessings - the sun now shines on the Congea so we have lots more flowers.
The Technique of the month for June was painting and dyeing fabric.  This piece was sprayed with water, then painted with dyna-flo paints and scrunched up together till it dried.  I didn't like the wishy washy colours I ended up with.  This photo makes them look better than they do in real life!

I used some stencils and metallic paint, but I wasn't happy with my results for that either so I kept overspraying with some of the starburst sprays and Adirondack sprays till I was a bit happier, then I added some more embellishing and made it into a cover for my sewing machine.

Oh dear, we are having an election in late August and I am sick of the politicking already.  I am vastly amused though that the leaders have chosen to have a televised debate this Sunday night.  They have had to move the selected time so they don't clash with the finals of Master Chef!  I have never watched the show (nor any of the televised debates for that matter) but I know millions of Australians do.  That show would win hands down over the debate.


  1. The vine looks gorgeous, as does your machine cover. I much prefer the colours that you ended up with.

  2. Your flowering vine is such a beautiful sight Robin and the flowers are so unusual. Love your sewing machine cover - what a great idea. Best of luck with the election. I'm afraid politics leave me cold and I got very bored with ours. It seems to have become fashionable to have televised debates but I didn't think ours did much for any of the candidates.

  3. Like that cover.
    Do agree about politics - they promise the earth, get elected and promptly do the opposite.

  4. Robin, lovely photos again. I love your vine, can't believe how laden with blooms it is, and such a sweet flower. What a great cover for your machine. I love it. I haven't started the next TOM, sunprinting, but am lookig forward to it, as it's one thing I haven't tried. Thanks for sharing your lovely vine. Oh, BTW, I'm totally over politics too.


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