Sunday, 31 July 2011


We introduced Jock and Sascha to each other today, and about 15 minutes later they stopped long enough for me to take this photo!  They had an absolute ball, chasing each other round and round the garden.  Sascha always had another dog to play with till she came to live with Dougal and Nikki a few weeks ago, but Jock hasn't had a playmate since he was only a few weeks old.  he turned two on 19 July - time is flying!

this is the birthday card I sent to Ati in Norway for herbirthday - part of the Fibre Fever group.  The flower heads are made from the lovely Sari silk ribbons from The Thread Studio.  I bought a couple of skeins at the Textile Festival in Brisbane, and this is the first time I have used some of them.
Sadly, the Textile Forum is no more.  Many of the exhibitors were unhappy this year and the show has been cancelled for next year.  It was wonderful for us country plebs to be able to go and see so many exciting things in one place.  Hopefully someone else will eventually run with the idea.

I was also glad to see on a recent walk in the Botanic Gardens that there are still a few trees left for the egrets to roost in.  I think it will be at least another twelve months before these trees are pulled out.
Now I had better go and dye some lace with some new dyes which I also bought at the Textile Festival.  Hopefully photos next time.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

felting yet again

I have made the scarf for my DIL in colours she chose, I am quite pleased with it, but have made a mistake - again!  I  forgot to add wisps of wool over the top of the heavy silk thread I lay out and it hasn't felted in in some places.  But I have discovered my pen style needle felting tool with one needle works a treat.  I am on roster on the Gardens desk tomorrow so now I have my task for the day.  The weather is supposed to be more of the same as we have had today - and that is horrible - so there are unlikely to be many visitors! 
Lorenza from Italy sent me this page for July for the Fibre Fever group.  All the pages are so different.

This lovely photo was taken late in the afternoon a few days ago when the weather was much nicer - looking at the old water tower at the Gardens from the other direction to the one on my header.  The egrets you can see in the tree if you click, will not be very happy now.  The trees have been cut down in the last two days to make way for the development of the next stage of the Gardens.  There will only be plants native to our immediate region planted over there.  These trees are ones which came up of their own accord many years ago.  I hate to see them go, but we do need to promote the local flora so that more are grown in home gardens around Mackay and district.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A scarf, some fibre fever pages...............and life's tough

blogger has finally decided to load the pictures, even if not in the order I wanted!  I have been tryingfor the last two days to show you this page which Maria sent me from Portugal as part of the Fibre Fever swap. My theme is blue/green.

This is the page I sent to Birgit in Germany - her theme is cream/white.  We both have very easy themes - my lack of imagination is thereason for the simplicity of mine!!

this is the latest nuno felted scarf I have made, using a fine silk scarf which I dyed green.  this was a practice run before I make my Canberra DIL one for her birthday.  I am quite pleased with the results, though I would like it to have been a bit longer.  I have now worked out that if I position my ironing board right beside the table at the same height I can add another 20 cm so that is what I am doing for the next one - which will be onto silk georgette dyed a deep pinky red.

I had to post this photo of Jock - he has taken overthe chairs upstairs in the office and flakes out completely!  He likes his creature comforts.  He didn't even move when bill dropped his pet rabbit toy on top of him, and only opened an eye for a second when I took the photo.  Oh to be a dog!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Around the garden at home

I am still getting used to using Picasa, which has grabbed myu photos and I can't seem to upload except through Picasa! This is taking forever, but so far today I have had no issues with Blogger and I haven't yet bothered to change to Wordpress.  The first two photos are in the wrong  order.  I know I showed the Congea last year, but this year I think it is even better and I have to show you again.  Bill is threatening to prune it back severely in the next week or so because it has taken over so much of the roof, but it will continue to deepen its colour for another two or three weeks yet - if he leaves it alone!

The Zygocacti are flowering in all their glory at present also.  The orangey/pink one below is hard to photograph as I only seem to remember to take my camera downstairs when the sun is shining on it! 

This one has a lovely pale pink tinge to it and loves the position in the shade house.

I haven't shown you a photo of Jock for a while.  he absolutely insists on having a game of chase the kong in the late afternoons.  Bill makes him wait very expectantly for a second or two before throwing it for him.  Kongs are toys made especially for dogs to chase, they last much better than tennis balls and they bounce eccentrically - more exciting for everyone!

I have felted another bowl - not aiming for the see through effect this time, just the colour.  I took a photo of the last one with a candle in it, I will see if I can find it and get back into this post to add it.

Well, blogger is very well behaved this afternoon!  This bowl is not really as yellow as that, but I couldn't make it any whiter with the night light.  I doubt if I will bother to empty out the battery operated tealight to turn it on and drop it back inside very often however!
Now I had better start typing out the minutes of the last committee meeting for the Gardens Friends which is what I should have been doing before I started this!

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