Wednesday, 26 March 2008

My back yard

This is a photo of part of our back garden. I have tried without success to publish a photo of the lorikeets feeding in the suspended dishes, but blogger keeps having a hissy fit and won't let me do it. I had the picture there at one point but couldn't publish this one so backed out, then I couldn't put this one up!!! Then I got the sulks and gave up trying for a day!

We often have up to 20 lorikeets feeding in the dishes and on the ground, they are so funny to watch, they love climbing down the wires upside down and often have very noisy disputes. We have a couple of trees in the garden which the parrots love when they are in flower, but they get quite drunk on the nectar, doesn't seem to have any lasting ill effects though.

I haven't posted for a week and have been feeling very guilty - this blogging takes over your life sometimes I think. I really don't have any textiley things to talk about this week, have had no time for creativity, too many other activities happening. The Botanic Garden Friends had a wonderful excursion last Saturday to look at some remnant vegetation near one of the local creeks which runs into the beach. What looks like some pretty useless scrub turns out to have a huge variety of species when you know what you are looking at, and it supports many butterflies and moths, and also lizards etc. We had a very sociable barbecue at the nearby park following the walk.

We are enjoying absolutely glorious early autumn weather, but very strange conditions really. After the wettest February for about 30 years, we have had the driest March for about the same time - wierd.

I am about to go and finish some paper beads I started earlier today, beads are made, just have to add the embossing powder, and once again visit the beading shop! I always need something else to finish what I start! I must admit, this sort of beading is a new experience for me, one of the "learn to do" resolutions for 2008. Should be able to show something in a day or so.

Ebony's ATC

This is an ATC which I have just received from Ebony, grand daughter of Doreen. She is a very talented little girl, I am very glad to have been able to exchange with her. I can't show you the ATC I sent to her as I managed to lose the image -tut, tut - careless filing!

These are two photos of the lagoon at our Botanic Gardens. I took the top one today, and the other one was taken on the morning of the massive flood Mackay had in early February. The water had already receded quite considerably before I took the photo. At the time, we thought there was not too much damage, but quite a lot of trees have since died, they did not like the wet feet. However, the Gardens are looking very lush and lovely after all the rain, so we are very grateful.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Amulet purse

These pictures are of an amulet purse I made from instructions in Isuue 30 of Quilting Art magazine. I find so much inspiration from that publication.
This was fun to make, I was certain I had so many beads in my stash that I would have the right ones, but no, I had to make a couple of trips to the local beading shop for the right colours, of course I came home with more than I intended! Perhaps with the next purse I make I really will have the right size and colour.
Showery and cool here today, but blowing about 30 knots so not too pleasant outside at all. We have to go to an Annual meeting for the University Library Society tonight, just hoping for a quorum, people are real wimps about going out in rain, especially to AGMs!
We are heading to Gladstone then for Easter with the Grandkids - 4 boys, so lots of noise and fun. Back Tuesday, hopefully with an interesting picture or two to post.
Happy Easter to you all.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Another bag

Here is another bag I have finished in the last few days. The photo doesn't do it justice, but I found it hard to photgraph. I followed the instructions Doreen gave in her tutorial for paper fabric a few weeks ago. I used the upper layer of a green patterned napkin and dripped dynaflo paints onto that. I rubbed it with treasure gold, then painted with acrylic wax to seal - I wanted to make sure that the gold didn't rub off onto clothing. These are such fun to make. I stitched a large snap fastener for the closure on this, and am not happy with the result - I shall go back to velcro I think, easier on my fingers.

We are having pleasant weather here, but there is a 25 knot wind blowing, which can be unpleasant, but better than the heat in South Australia, I am glad I am not there.

Queensland will have a mad day tomorrow with council elections for new amalgamated councils, courtesy of the State Government. There has been much confusion and will probably take at least another 12 months to have effective local government after this!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Glasses cases

These are two glasses cases I made yesterday from the same base fabric. I love the way they can turn out so differently just by putting different coloured threads and chiffon scarf on top. I have been selling these at the Botanic Gardens as glasses cases, but a couple of people have bought them to use as pencil cases in their shirt pocket! I would never have thought of doing that, but they are the right size. They are fun to make and are very quick and easy.

Swamp bloodwood

Aren't these flowers absolutely gorgeous? They are on a swamp bloodwood (Corymbia intermedia) growing in our Botanic Gardens, and are just finishing flowering now. I am sure I should be able to do something textiley with this picture, I am just not sure quite what. I just love looking at them when I go walking. Our Gardens are not quite five years old, and nearly everything has been planted in that time. Because we live in the tropics plants grow very quickly, the difference from the greenfield is pretty amazing.

No time to do any painting or sewing today - I couldn't get to my room anyway as Bill was having a business meeting in the office blocking entrance to my space. Since he earns money and I don't I suppose I can't complain. I continued with some of the boring paperwork I have been putting off till crisis point (right now) has been reached!!!

The possums are running around on our steel roof with their hobnailed boots at present and our blue heeler Jack is taking great exception to them. I find it hard to believe that a cat the same size as or bigger than a possum can make no noise, but these critters would wake the dead. Shall go and sort Jack out. Bye for now.

Evening bag

This is an evening bag I made following suggestions from Penny
I am quite pleased with the result. I tore up strips of silk and other fine fabrics, then stitched them down to a black felt base with automatic stitches. I think I will be making a few more of these. Now that I have worked out what I am doing they are quite quick. I will probably sell them throught the gift shop in the Botanic Gardens.

I had a lovely visit from our grand daughter Hannah this afternoon. She is six and loves doing crafty things. She also loves helping her Grandfather in the garden, especially if she can climb up high ladders - her father climbed about two minutes after he learned to walk, so I know where she got her love of heights from!

This is a quick post tonight as once again the dreaded paperwork is lurking. I sometimes think I will resign from the voluntary work I do and just concentrate on me for a change - but then I think how much I enjoy the contact with the other volunteers and I decide against that.

Back again

At last I am back, hopefully far more frequently, this becomes addictive.

I had just got started when I was overwhelmed with paperwork. I look after the membership lists for a couple of organisations here and with the beginning of the year, I had masses of notices to send out. Much to my horror I discovered that somehow about 50 names seem to have dropped off the group email list. Of course then I had to check everything to make sure I had recovered everyone. Sometimes I hate computers!!!

In the middle of all this I have managed to make a little trinket box to send to a very dear friend of mine who has just turned 70. She is severely crippled with arthritis and was particularly thrilled with this box as she is able to open it. She has very limited use of her hands so that was a wonderful surprise.

The instructions for making the box are found in Quilting Arts Issue 20. I love making these little boxes, they are so quick and easy and everybody always loves them.

The photo isn't marvellous, but I am still having trouble uploading images - I will get there eventually.

At last our weather has improved, there is even a feel of autumn in the air, and best of all, the sun is shining. I am doing a roster in the visitors centre at the Botanic Gardens tomorrow, that always fills me with joy on days like this. The Gardens suffered quite a bit of damage in our recent flood event, but they are looking magnificent despite that, everything is just so green and lush.