Sunday, 25 July 2010

Fairy shoes and a couple of bookmarks

Here is another pair of fairy shoes which I have just finished - takes me ages to sew beads, but I enjoy doing it. 

Another couple of bookmarks - my stock is getting low at the Gardens shop so I need to build it up again.
We have had lovely weather for the last week or so, provided you don't want to go out on the water - the winds are blowing about 20 knots and the waters off Mackay are quite unprotected.  I hope the fine weather keeps up for another few days, we are having out carpets cleaned on Wednesday, which will entail a lot of furniture moving on our part, some of it onto a very open verandah.  There will also be a massive mining expo on for three days this week, which brings huge dollars into town.  I always have mixed feelings about this expo - I know it is good for the economy, but creates total chaos for the week for locals - selfish of me I know.  I feel sorry for any tourists who just arrive and want accommodation - the nearest accommodation will be 3 1/2 hours back to Rockhampton or 4 1/2 hours ahead to Townsville.  Everything in between is already booked out.


  1. The fairy shoes are exquisite Robin and look as if they have been made by Annette Emms herself. I don't think I could achieve anything as dainty as that - love the bookmarks too. Good luck with the carpet cleaning - ours need replacing having been cleaned too many times! Don't work too hard and take care when moving all that furniture.

  2. I love making those fairy shoes, although they do take ages to bead.
    I am still going on the hug me tight, about 4 extra balls needed and not the same colour!!

  3. Those fairy shoes are exquisite. Love the colour. You keep coming up with the most fantastic bookmarks, no wonder they keep 'going' on you!!! Good luck with the carpet cleaners and the town full of visitors. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am sorry the photos won't magnify for you. They do when I click on them, and I haven't changed how they are prepared or loaded [I am not a techno geek, so I tend to only use what I know.....].

  4. Ditto
    I LOVE your fairy shoes, I must make a pair of my own (I did help my daughter make a pair when she was 8)

  5. Those slippers are so sweet - I haven't tried making bookmarks yet but yours are really appealing.

  6. I love making Fairy Shoes too!Your book marks are a great idea!


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