Tuesday, 2 March 2010

All gone

Here are some more photos of the tree removal. thank goodness it was finally completely removed last Thursday afternoon - we had 120mm rain that night and then rain every day since! To say that we are sick of rain is an understatement, roll on winter.

This photos below shows you how high up they went in the cherry picker and you can see the log on the roof. Thank goodness Bill designed the steel framework so the house wouldnt blow down in a cyclone - we didn't know then what it would have to withstand.

Getting the stump out proved a real challenge. Unfortunately I had to go out for the afternoon so I didn't see the really deep crater they made.

I seem to have left out the picture of the backhoe pulling out the bits after the chainsaw has done its work. Now the backyard looks like a wasteland. The insurance will cover most of the costs but there will be months and months of physical work for us to do as well. I imagine it will be spring before I can start replanting my garden beds - with sunloving plants.

The Botanic Gardens will happily take all the ferns and elkhorns which have come off the tree, that will be lovely as we will still be able to see and appreciate them.
I had other photos to show you, but in the middle of all this the editing software has decided not to work. Bill has had several attempts at fixing it, with no success at all so far. Of course lots of new jobs have appeared on his computer screen to keep him fully occupied with (paid) work so the editing software will have to wait for a spare minute.
We are off to the second lesson for dog training for Jock tonight. He seems to be getting the message and is behaving very well when I have a treat in my hand. He does not drop nearly quickly enough if he can't smell the treat though!


  1. Oh dear it does look rather desolate, maybe time for a re think.

  2. That was one big tree Robin. Glad you saved the ferns for planting elsewhere. Your poor garden will revive after one or two seasons. Good luck with the dog training - it's hard work at times but very worthwhile.

  3. Hi Robin! Thank you for the comment on my blog -- your "hot sticky" home looks like paradise to me -- glad the fallen tree didn't hurt anyone! I will add your name to my hat for the drawing!

  4. I am so glad that you have somewhere for those beautiful ferns. New beginnings now for the garden. I thought I had posted this comment last week but obviously something went amiss.


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