Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tree progress

Here are a few more photos to show you what the tree loppers are doing. The latest estimate is that they will not finish till at least late Wednesday afternoon. Thank goodness they don't work over the weekend so we have some peace and quiet and a chance to do a bit of cleaning up around the edges.
If you click on any of the pictures you should get a better view. The pile of timber is apparently called a pigsty and is to stabilise the limb.

You can get a good idea of the lean on the greenhouse from this picture. We think that it actuall acted as a brake slowing down the fall of the tree.

Who would do this for a living?

There is still a huge amount of tree left and I haven't shown you the picture of all the bits sticking about 50 feet up in the air still! The loppers have been cutting those trunks into wheelbarrow sized pieces to wheel out to the front driveway where they have an enormous chipper running and it hardly even coughs when they throw in the pieces - BUT - it is mind numbingly noisy!!!!
Needless to say nothing very creative is happening at present!


  1. John kept asking me what sort of tree it was. Goodness me it has made a mess, and then when it is removed you have to find places for all the things that lived around and under it.

  2. Amazing pictures Robin and I see that Jock is supervising the clear-up! It could have done so much damage to your roof. You'll think you've gone deaf when it's all over. Have a peaceful weekend.

  3. Looking at the way that branch is resting the roof of your house, you had a lucky escape. I'm not a tree expert but doesn't the darker brown centre suggest that it was unhealthy? My tree surgeon loves his job most of the time but he says the part he hates most is cutting down trees.

  4. Incredible! Tree loppers doesn't seem to cover what they do! (A fine blog - a great find, I think.)

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  6. Love those three cases in your previous post, so good not to have wasted the paper - I have a piece in a box I use for my spray inks - it really could be used somehow as the colours are lovely. Thanks for the machining tips I'll try them altho are there any tips how not to pull funny faces!!


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