Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fungi and Ului

Only one photo tonight, not very good quality, but I was hanging over the fence with my arms outstretched to get this fabulous orange fungus. It is growing on the roots of a mango tree which was cut down a couple of years ago.
I haven't any stitching to show, though I have been doing some for a swap, so I can't show that for a couple of weeks yet. I am about to put my sewing machines on the floor under the table, just in case the roof springs a leak.
We have battened down the hatches, put up the cyclone shutters and cleared up as much rubbish from round the garden as possible in readiness for cyclone Ului, which is unfortunately deepening rapidly as it approaches the coast - now a severe storm with winds gusting to 170 km per hour at the centre. On its present track it will cross the coast about 50 km north of us and we will be in the dangerous southern quadrant. We have a very strong house - as we have just proved - so we should be okay. Probably we will lose power as the power grid for Mackay comes from the north, but everything will sort itself out in time.
I will have photos to show and will tell you more tomorrow night - or when there is power again.


  1. Gorgeous fungi Robin. I hard about the cyclone on the news, I hope that you don't suffer any damage, you have had enough to contend with lately.

  2. Take care Robin and let's hope that it doesn't cause too much damage up there.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  3. Keep safe Robin - I'll be thinking of you and hoping there wont be too much damage. You sound well prepared. The fungus is amazing - why are so many good things in such awkward places?! You managed to hold the camera steady.

  4. Hi Robin
    I too have been thinking of you.
    Hope you have come through pretty well unscathed. Getting some rain here - probably just a token lower edge of that which passed your way.
    Shall look forward to reading all well.
    Heather V


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