Saturday, 13 March 2010

New work and yet more rain

A few more souvenirs from baby wipes and nappy liners used as paint rags - always different effects.

The case is from a piece of silk paper from my stash and the bookmarks are from the painted batting Technique of the Month. I had fun using the flower stitcher.

I have ordered the book from Dale so shall have lots more ideas for ways to use it soon. I have had one for several years, but keep forgetting to fish it out of the drawer.

Here is a photo of our poor sodden back yard with the wonderful vista of everybody's sheds! We keep getting rain, at least the ground will be well settled by the time anyone comes to do any more work. There is a cyclone ( a very nasty one) in the Coral Sea and a very large high further south so we are in the pinch between the two systems. The winds are really getting up - have been classified gale force all day and the showers are coming more frequently now.

These bromeliads have been bashed, stood on, had stuff dropped all over them and have been exposed to blistering sunlught, but look - they are popping up flower heads everywhere - what survivors!
We have the family coming for dinner so I better go and do something about the food.


  1. Your latest souvenirs are lovely Robin - gorgeous colours. It's hard to believe that painty nappy liners can be made into such beautiful items. Your poor soggy garden, but I'm sure the rain will be good for it in the long run. Hope you don't get another bad storm - those bromeliads are real tough guys to have come through so much and still feel like flowering!

  2. Love the bags and bookmarks Robin --beautiful as usual.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Lovely work and the colours are wonderful, hope the weather gets better soon.

  4. Gorgeous work Robin. Fingers crossed that the weather improves for you soon.


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