Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another prize and creative cue

Just a very quick post tonight as I need to make a wild woman brooch to send off to my step granddaughter in Canberra tomorrow for her birthday. I was amazed and delighted find another postcard in my letterbox today, this time from Sue Bleiweiss - I thought I was only to receive one postcard for my prize. The colours in this card are more vibrant than I can show, same technique as the first one, foil and gossamer fuse.

The subject forthis week's Creative Cue is 'clip'. I couldn't resist posting a picture of a horse drawn milk cart. When I went to work and live in 'modern' Melbourne in the early sixties I was amazed to be woken early in the morning by the milkman's clip clop - and there he was with a beautiful horse drawn cart - only slightly more modern than this picture. And this was all in Toorak, a very snooty, upmarket suburb - I didn't live there for very long!
I was even more amazed to find there was a horse drawn rag and bone cart trundling around Williamstown (where I worked) once a week.
We keep having rain and now strong winds as well, but we have a back fence again! We have rescued a lot of plants from the ravaged bacl garden bed, they are sitting in pots waiting for me to relocate them sometime. All the quotes should have gone to the assessor, so I hope we don't have to wait too long for further action. I hope we don't go to the end of the queue because of the horrendous floods in SW Queensland - all the assessors have vanished out there just now. I feel very sorry for the poor souls out there who have had such a bad time, but I still want the insurance company to work on our claim too!
I am still waiting to get my photo editing software working again - hopefull my son can sort it on Saturday. Then I shall be able to post photos again...............Yeahhhhh!


  1. Lovely postcard Robin. How nice it would be to hear the clip clop on deliveries today. Hope you get your insurance claim settled quickly.

  2. Hi Robin! You've won another postcard on my blog -- but I don't have your email -- send me an email with your snail mail address and I will mail it out.

    -karen in wi where it is raining too

  3. Lovely postcard and I do like the milkman's horse and cart. Our milk is delivered by lorry at an unearthly hour - we seldom hear it arrive. Good luck with the insurance claims. What would we do without our clever offspring to sort out our computers?!

  4. Great idea for clip, and a fun story.


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