Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A brave little girl

This is the Wild Woman I made as part of the birthday present for my grand daughter Belle in Canberra. I have to share the story of her bravery with you. Her mother Nat is a diabetic and on Saturday afternoon had a hyperglycemic fit. Belle and Bailey were outside, but heard her hit the floor so came rushing inside to see what had happened. Belle, turning 9 on Sunday, rang 000, then handed the phone to her brother Bailey (aged 7) to relay the instructions to her from the paramedic to stabilise Nat till the ambulance arrived. Once the ambulance arrived, she rang her aunt, then our son Stuart who was in Adelaide, and sorted out the family. Before she and Bailey left to go with Nat in the ambulance to the hospital, Belle collected her mobile phoe as well as her mother's locked the house, left a couple of lights on and set the alarms!

Nat is home again safely now, but she had a three centimetre gash on her forehead and a very nasty bruise on the back of her head. The ambulance people were so impressed with Belle and Bailey that they are going to present them with bravery awards at school on Wednesday. I think they thoroughly deserve them. Nat has trained them both to respond to emergencies, but till the time comes you can never be quite sure how children will react.

This photo will look better if you click to enlarge it - my lovely blue ginger, dichorisander, which flowers prolifically at this time of the year, and is almost totally neglected by me.
We are still getting very strong winds and gusting showers, with cyclone Ului hovering out in the Coral Sea. The Americans predict it will cross the coast just south of Mackay on Saturday night, the Australians have it still hovering in the Coral sea, so who knows what will happen. We don't have to worry about a tree falling over anyway!!


  1. What an amazing young lady. She certainly deserves her award as does her brother. How reassuring it must be for their mother to know that she is in safe hands.
    The ginger is beautiful.

  2. What a remarkable little girl Belle is - she'll love her Wild Woman. So glad your daughter-in-law(?) is OK now. You must all be so proud of Belle and her brother. The blue ginger is gorgeous and I hope your weather settles down soon and the storm passes you by.

  3. Two brave children, awards well deserved, Hope all is well know/

  4. Wonderful children Robin and an even more wonderful mother to teach her children what to do in an emergency.
    They are a wonderful family.

  5. I can understand your pride, Robin, and there's a lovely photo of the family in today's Canberra Times.


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