Sunday, 7 March 2010

Technique of the Month

Here is what landed in my letterbox early this week - a lovely postcard from Vicki of Three Creative Studios. I won second prize for registering to take part in Technique of the Month (see my side bar). It has been made using last month's technique of foil and black gossamer web.

I am still not able to edit photos to show here (or anywhere else for that matter), but at least I can scan flat textiles. I am nearly dying of frustration, I have so many photos I want to put into my new digiframe which sits on the wall in the kitchen so we can look at the albums every day! The grandkids are fascinated as I have a mix of anything and everything including photos of my grandparents and parents and various othe ancestors as well as heaps of photos of places we visited last year. I scoffed at digiframes to begin with, but they are a wonderful way of showing off huge albums of photos all the time.

This month's TOM uses metallic paint rolled lightly onto crumpled fabric to highlight it and give it a completely new appearance. I sprayed with water first and then crumpled the fabric before rolling on the first metallic colour, then opening and recrumpling in a different shape. I used about 5 different paints for this one, it looks better in real life than here.

This one looks more interesting I think, but the technique is fun and I shall try it again.
We have started collecting what we can out of our flattened back garden bed,it is amazing how much has managed to survive so far. Obviously they won't like being cooked in the sun, so I am potting and moving till we work out where they will end up.
I am having fun thinking what trees we will plant and what creeper to go on the trellis when it is rebuilt. I definitely want plants to attract the birds and butterflies so I am making mental lists of possibilities.
Our builder has not been able to come back to discuss the final quote as he has been marooned on a country station in the hinterland from here. Ther have been big rains and flooding, though not severe flooding around this area, just a few creeks too high to cross. South west Queensland is having massive flooding, records being broken all over the place. Hopefully a lot of the water will make its way right down to the Murray river, though that will take about three months.
Time to take Jock for a walk, he did not like the wet weather much, he really likes getting out and seeing other places. We now have a new lead called a gentle lead which has a loop over the snout and a collar fitting snugly high up behind the ears. I could not believe how much better behaved he is with this - no pulling at all, so we both enjoy the walk much better. I will show pictures when the photo editor is working again


  1. That's a lovely postcard Robin, and so well made. I love your painted crumpled fabric TOM samples. Good luck with the photo editor and I hope the builder's final quote is not too horrendous.

  2. Love the postcard Robin, it is really effective. The painted fabric has worked very well. Now that I have finished dyeing I hope to be able to get some done. Glad you have found something to contain Jock.


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