Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What is happening now

Nothng very creative is being done around here - we are all trying to pull ourselves together after the cyclone. Once more Mackay has been incredibly lucky and has missed the worst of the weather. The last time Mackay took a direct hit from a cyclone was in 1918, and that just about wiped out the township. We certainly don't want another one like that. Dougal and Nikki had their power restored late on Monday night, but there are many areas still without power and not likely to be reconnected for 3 - 5 days yet. Ergon is having a severe test with so many very large trees down across lines, just getting access is very difficult.

There were pictures in the paper today of very expensive houses built high on cliffs above the beach so they could get a magnificent view, but I am not sure they will be so happy with the rooves ripped off in the gales. I have always said I would rather drive to the beach and live in the security of being slightly inland!
The stores selling generators have made a killing. Dougal said he saw 5 pallets of them sold at Bunnings on Saturday morning while he was looking for some timber - and I know lots more were brought to Mackay over the weekend.
Nobody has been killed, but there are stories emerging of some serious injuries, and more property damage than was apparent at first. Many people are only now able to tell their stories as they had no phone service for several days either. We always had a landline service (and we have deliberately kept a Telstra phone to use when there is no power), but our internet came and went a bit.

Here are a few cheerful photos, taken when we were walking in the Gardens on Sunday. I love these crested pigeons, this family is nearly always to be found in this area of the Gardens. If you click it should enlarge.
These two fungi are commonly called stinkhorn fungi, but I know they have more detailed names than that. The top one starts with a beautiful lace net around it, but it was getting a bit old.

The blowflies love them. This one is yellow, but we get very bright red ones as well, and they love the mulch in the garden bed just outside the men's toilets - we have had to put temporary signs saying the smell is from the fungi, smells just like a very horrible toilet - not a good advertisement for visitors!
We are gradually getting back to normal(?) The family kept coming in here while they had no power - don't blame them for that - they could eat and shower in comfort. There were lots of "power parties" in the area - friends from blacked out areas visiting those with power, bringing their defrosting food with them.
Hopefully I shall have somethingdifferent to write about next time. Cheers


  1. Good news for you and your family Robin, so glad you emerged unscathed. It makes me remember how lucky we are here not to get the extremes of weather that occur in other parts of the world (or at least rarely).

    The pigeons are lovely, ours are considered vermin although I think they are fascinating. Maybe if they looked as cute as yours people would like them more.

    I haven't smelled a stinkhorn for a long time - and don't particularly want to!

  2. Hope your weather settles down now and leaves you in peace so you can get back to normal. The pigeons are lovely and seem to have come through unscathed. Glad I cant smell the stinkhorn but those fungi do look interesting.

  3. It must be very difficult when you live in a place where the weather can be so violent. I hope things get back to normal soon.

  4. Those pigeons are so cool-looking -- like rock-stars. I always think of the ones that live here as winged rats.

    Those mushrooms look like colorful morels -- but I bet the morels are better to eat!

  5. Gosh, Robin, I am glad we don't live where there are cyclones!
    Lovely fungi pictures.
    It is nice to be back in blogland and I am -pleased to say that my back is beginning to heal. Thanks for the good wishes.


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