Friday, 24 February 2012

Not much happening

We went to a concert on Wednesday night which was simply wonderful - Chamber Philharmonia from Cologne in Germany.
Lots of Vivaldi, Bach, Tchaikowsky and Mozart, all in a local church on a very hot night with no air conditioning.  The poor Germans must have nearly died of heat, but it didn't stop them from playing beautifully and entertaining the large audience!

That set me up well for Thursday:

which is why there is not much activity around here.  I can feel my fingers again now, there must have been a huge amount of local anaesthetic pumped into them, but it is all good - no pain and plenty of movement.  Can't take the bandage off till tomorrow night so I am very limited as to what I can do - that is probably the aim of the doctor anyway!  I tried a  bit of typing yesterday with somewhat interesting results - multiple letters instead of one as I couldn't feel how hard I was pressing.
Beautiful rain here today at long last, our tank is full again and the garden has been well watered.  We have been missing out when all our southern friends and family are complaining of having very little summer and far too much rain - can never please everyone can you!
Now I am off to read a book for a while and also catch up on a few blogs.


  1. I love what you have done with the Gilding. You would not have any trouble selling these journal covers. How big are they and what do they cost Robin, They could be good to keep in mind for gifts.

  2. Pleased you enjoyed the concert Robin. I do hope the hand will be good to go soon, and you can get down to some serious creativity. Also good to know the tank is topped up. We had a lovely fall, just on the inch, so are very pleased with ourselves. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Looks not very nice with your hand Robin. Hopefully it will go much better soon!

  4. I hope everything is well now with your hand. I love going to concerts, although we don't get to many out here in the sticks, but we do get to the cinema a lot and I always come out feeling really uplifted (if it is a good film). In the days when I lived in a city we went regularly to orchestral concerts and to opera and ballet - and to Stratford, which was quite near. I remember the occasions well and it stands me in good stead now that I can't do it.

  5. That sounds like my sort of concert. Glad your hand is recovering, also that you have had a good rain. It always surprises me when Britain is so small that half our country is still wet when the other half suffers drought conditions. Still, it gives us all something to complain about! Take care.

  6. Good to her that your fingers are recovering. The concert sound great in spite of the heat.

  7. Robin, please be heathy soon!!
    hugs from Russia,

  8. Glad it's a positive op but do give yourself repair time! Lovely books & piecs below (love a bit of gold!) Where are you hoping to sell?


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