Saturday, 4 February 2012

Frustration over - I think

I have had a few computer problems over the last few days.  I wanted to look at photos on Flickr, but it said I needed to upgrade my IE - so Bill did.  Flickr was fine, but I couldn't get in to post on blogger any more, neither could I see the cards in a wonderful online site which I use regularly...........Grrrr.  However -- late yesterday Bill installed an updated version of Wordperfect, which we use in preference to Word, and it came with Firefox (and a fantastic new mouse).  I am still trying to navigate my way around, but I CAN ACCESS everything I want to!!
I have a few more bits to show
 This is the beautifully worked January page I received from Birgit in Germany
 and this is the page I sent to Lorenza in Italy.  Her them is Van Gogh, the painting I chose is French Novels, one I had never heard of till I was googling his paintings.

This is the final birthday card - from Maria in Portugal.  She doesn't think she does very good work, but I beg to differ 
 I have done a bit of playing with the online classes for Lynda Monk's latest book.  This is made from rusted papers and fabric.  I swore when I tried the technique several years ago that I was never going there again, but I seem to like it better this time. I have a problem however as we live in the tropics and everything we buy, including nails, washers etc, is galvanised to stop it rusting!  That is fine till I want some rusty bits to add to my package - I shall need to go scrounging somewhere else!  I found a couple of rusty nails and used some steel wool for this,
I painted some pelmet vilene, then foile it before adhering the rusted abaca tissue to the top.
The slip is scrumpled - Dale's latest POM for me featured that technique, which I rather like.
Now I had better go and see if the papers have arrived in town yet - the road between here and Townsville, where they are printed, has been cut by floodwaters.  Once again, we have been very lucky here, we have had sufficient, but not too much rain.  The poor souls in south west Queensland and North West New South Wales are facing record floods - again.


  1. Robin, the pages are both really beautiful, as is your final card from Maria. I think her card is fantastic.

    I really like your rusted effort. Mine two pieces are still sitting waiting for a brainwave!! I like your little padfolio, looks ever so appealing. Your stitching around the edge is just so well done!! I used steel wool only, despite having an abundance of 'rusty things', but I have an overall rusty appearance, not blotchy...........hummmmmm.

    The people further west must be wondered why. I feel for them all, yet again!! This is just not fair.

  2. Here we are desperate for rain, always happens, one part of Australia floods and the other is dry. Love what you have been doing, I have some rusted fabric but at the moment I am hooked on making little houses, have a sale and show coming up over Easter and I am trying to make things for that, very slowly I might add.

  3. The pages, cards and your bookwrap are beautiful Robin. You are ahead of me with the online classes - I have only printed them off so far. Glad you are safe from floods, but so sorry for those having to cope with them. We are just very cold here and waiting to see if we get snow tonight.

  4. The card, pages and bookwrap are lovely Robin. If you are having problems with galvanised items there is a rusting powder that you can but. Maybe Dale has it.

  5. Your bookwrap is great & lots of lovely pieces you've received. Hope you're still staying dry - it looks unbelievable from here.
    Thanks for your comment - I agree with you re the quilting but am enjoying learning some new techniques & a break from my usual work.


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