Sunday, 4 March 2012

Orangequat tree

We recently bought an orangequat tree and planted it in the back garden.  I had been looking for a kumquat tree, but the only ones available did not look very healthy and this tree looked very lush.

I had never heard of this before and assumed it was some new hybrid, but when I googled I found it is a cross between a Satsuma mandarin and a Meiwa kumquat and was developed in the US in 1932!  There were 6 fruits on the tree which I watched very closely till they eventually ripened.
 There was not much to make jam out of, but the microwave came to the fore and this is the result.  I am thrilled to discover the fruit is really tasty - now I shall have to wait 12 months for some more fruit to make some more!

These are the latest bits from Fabulous surfaces.  The piece on the top right has been finished as a brooch, but I am not sure if I want to make them all into brooches or not, so I am thinking for a while.  I didn't feel I had quite enough highlighting with the sprays I put on after I had used the white spirit - or maybe I did not put enough treasure gold on.  Anyway I then wiped across the top with some moulding gel and brushed on some luminarte powders.  The photos don't really show up the colours properly, I tried lots of different ways to take them and edit them, this is the best I can do.

My hand is recovering well, but I seem to have burst the stitches in one of the cuts so I am having to be careful.  There will be a bit of a callous there, but it will be in the crease of my hand so will not be a worry, and my fingers no longer ache or stick half closed!  That is what the surgery was all about so all is good.


  1. The jam sounds yummy i haven't made kumquart jam for years loved it. Glad your hand has improved.

    i like the little pieces of fabulous surfaces. Could be great as the central element in embroideries.

  2. Great post. I am right into making my own jam.

  3. Glad the surgery has been a success. When one gets such pleasure from craftwork there can be nothing worse than one's hands going. So good luck there.

    Your little squares look lovely. What size are they? It is difficult to tell from the photograph.

  4. Very good news about your hand - you must be relieved.
    Love your little orangequat tree - I didn't know there was such a fruit. Gardeners have to be patient!
    You put me to shame with your beautiful brooches as I haven't tried any of the free classes yet. I do like the sound of that technique and will try it - one day!

  5. So glad to hear about your hand......loving the sound of this Jam. The colours to your brooches are lovely too.

  6. So glad that the surgery appears to have been successful. I love the pieces. What about brooches for your donations to the botanical gardens?

    I hadn't heard of that tree either but it certainly come to fruit quickly

  7. So glad the hand is doing what it should, The wedding was such fun but I am glad we left when we did as one of our daughters tells me she ddnt get home until 4.30 am!

  8. Looks delicious! Ooh, be patient with your hand!

    Lovely tiles/squares. Now I might have time to open this book altho I'm trying to work thru Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain, maybe I'll just relax with my new CPS!

  9. Hello Robin, and so sorry that I'm only getting to this now. For some reason I just hadn't seen it. I have never heard of the 'organequat' tree, and to think it's been around for so long, goodness me. I am not really a jam person, but I hope you enjoy making more when it fruits again.

    I just adore your fabulous surface pieces. You've achieved so much more than I have since this started. Your little tiles are all lovely, and I'm sure you'll find a way to use them in due course.

    I do hope your hand continues to improve, and it will do what you ask of it, AND behave itself. The scar will surely even out in time. Do take care of it, and try to be patient. Cheers.

  10. 10 years ago I bought a bare root Orangequat from a nursery in Georgia. It was sweet, easy to peel and large. It grew great in North Houston. It was grafted on some wild orange root stock. After the third year it was 9 ft tall, and always had at least 60 Orangequats on it. I sold my house & forgot to collect cuttings. I am moving to Florida this year, and would like to find another one. Are you aware of any Nurseries where I could find several? Tks for any help.


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