Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Great prize from Penny

Yesterday the postman brought some lovely mail - a prize in Penny's giveaway.

 I have always admired the sweet little birds Penny makes, and the doyley and brooch are an added bonus.

She also sent me this delicate pen and wash card done by Penny as well.
I am very definitely hiding in the air conditioning for as long as I can today.  The temperature outside is 38 degrees with 53 % humidity (admittedly that is low for here), while inside it is 29 degrees with 35 % humidity - much more comfortable.
Now I am off to do some more playing from Lynda's book, I hope I shall have something more to show you in a day or so. 


  1. What gorgeous goodies - Penny is a talented lady.
    I can't cope with humidity and would be limp and useless where you are! Stay inside as long as you can.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with from Lynda's book. I haven't even started yet - don't know where the time goes.

  2. What a lovely win Robin. Pity we can't share the temperatures around a little. I could do with some warmth right now.

  3. I'm working through Lynda Monk's book too! Do you know about the free online classes from d4daisy?

  4. Congratulations Robin. Gorgeous prizes, love the little pen and wash card - colours are so fresh. It's been hot and humid here too, a small shower yesterday. My 'fabulous surfaces' are non-existent at the moment - a bit busy with other things. Cheers for now.


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