Friday, 17 February 2012

A little bit of playing

 I always forget to start typing before I upload any photos!  The one above shows a notebook cover I have made from the tissue which was painted and gilded and wiped with white spirit.  The slip had similar treatment.  I need to practise some more and not be so liberal with the gilding next time - but I like this anyway.
 This one has been turned into a cover for a visual artist's diary.  I scrumpled some silk then attached the cords and beads to the base fabric which like the one above has been rather too liberally gilded!
 It hasn't been quite all play - I needed to restock the souvenirs as they have all sold and I have been very slack about making more.  I should have Three of the reddish ones, but some how in a tidyup late yesterday I have lost one!  I know I had it just before 5 pm, the gremlins must have been since then.  I only had the final stitching round the outside to do - grrrr - I hate tidying up anyway, but I couldn't find most other stuff.  At least I know it hasn't gone out of the room, yesterday morning was rubbish bin day and I hadn't finished it till after that.
Here are a few more magnets to add to the collection as well.  they are small enough for travellers to slip into handbags or whatever to take home.
Now I need to make the next fabric page, and easy one this time - shades of pink.  That gives me plenty of scope, even if pink is not my favourite colour.  I am having two trigger fingers on my left hand repaired next Thursday morning and I may be restricted with sewing for a few days afterwards.  The results will be all good though, and should get rid of the pain and clickiness in my fingers.  Hopefully it shouldn't stop me blogging for more than a few days either.


  1. The joys of ageing! I lost a lot of names today, ached where I dont think I should have and the blasted toe is uncomfortable again and my GP is on holidays. Still I am managing to play a bit too, just wish the house would clean itself.
    Love what you are doing, hope the fingers do what they should.

  2. The results of your playing are gorgeous Robin - you must be thrilled with them. I haven't even made a start yet, but have been busy with other things.
    More beautiful souvenirs too - hope you find the one that's hiding.
    Good luck with the fingers and hope they will be fully functional before long.

  3. This is all looking fantatic - I love it all!

  4. Good luck with the fingers Robin, I love your bookmarks mine is in constant use. Your pages are great I would love to try that.

  5. Nice to have a visit from you. The work you are doing is lovely - I am sending a link to a friend who does very similar stuff. I am afraid I have decided not to do any more - I find my days are full without and I find it frustrating, so have given all my stuff away to other friends who still do craft work and am now going to concentrate on my writing and my patchwork/quilting. The days are just not long enough.
    Hope you have found the missing piece. I am sure it would be slipped in somewhere between two things - but isn't it frustrating? Looking for missing things like this just seems such a waste of valuable time. Lovely to hear from you again.

  6. Your work is always so inspiring Robin, and so beautifully finished. I can't help but admire it. I hope the fingers are not out of action for too long, a selfish wish I suppose, because I always wait for the lovely things you make. I love your surfaces, absolutely gorgeous colours. I just haven't had a moment to do much with my 'knowledge'. Take care.

  7. Lovely pieces as always Robin. I hope the gremlins eventually return your missing one. I hope all goes well with the fingers tomorrow.

  8. Lovely work Robin, I like your moulded and gilded pieces - a bit of bling is always nice.
    Hope your fingers recover quickly.

  9. This a test to see if I have got rid of those awful verification letters

  10. What lovely pieces you've created...I especially like the top one; the centre looks intriguing.
    I hope your hand heals quickly...

    PS The verification letters are still there :-/


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