Thursday, 9 February 2012

44 Years today

Well, this was us 44 years ago - not sure why Bill is looking so stary eyed though!  This was the best photo I could find that wasn't in a frame.  The cake has a story.  We were married in Brisbane, but I lived in Goondiwindi, about 400 km away and I carried the iced cake on a blanket on the back seat of the car all that way.  I was terrified of having to pull up in a hurry and having it land on the floor, so I was very relieved when I finally reached my destination safely - there were a couple of close calls though.
We have a few - well, quite a few - more wrinkles and extra pounds these days, but still here and still enjoying life together.  Crabs and oysters for dinner tonight again I think. Have a good day


  1. My heartiest congratulations to you and Bill, Robin, may you celebrate many more together. Lovely photo, and perhaps Bill was just taken a little by surprise by the photographer. I understand the cake saga, we had a rough road to transport my cake too, so much fine 'lace' that could be broken off!! Your frock looks so lovely. I seem to remember having some sort of rouleau treatment like that on a frock around the same time, loved it. Thanks for sharing part of your life. Take care.

  2. Congratulations to you both and Happy Anniversary with many more to come. That's a lovely photo of you and Bill, and you are still recognisable - we can't all say that! Enjoy your celebrations - I like the sound of crab and oysters.

  3. Dear Robin, all kindly and worm wishes for you and your family!
    take care of each other!
    greetings from Russia,

  4. You both look great, haven't changed a bit ;)We hit 25 this year!!!

    Love the notebook holder below - there's nothing like a bit of vilene & tissue, is there!

  5. Happy Anniversary Robin and Bill--crabs and oysters sounds yummo.
    We notch up 50 years in June-where did those years go?

  6. Very many congratulations to you both Robin. It's a lovely photo.

  7. Congratulations from me too Robin: the photo is gorgeous.

    We will be celebrating in March so I must find a suitable pic.

    Thanks for sharing this happy occasion.

  8. Hi Robin,
    I congratulate this beautiful anniversary of your wedding day.
    I wish you many happy days together in your life, beautiful photos and beautiful couple.
    Regards and congratulations, :)))


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