Sunday, 29 January 2012

More cards

When I came home there were some more lovely birthday cards waiting for me.  The one above is from Janny in the Netherlands.

Nel from the Netherlands made the top one, while Juliette from England made the lower one.

These two came from Ritva and Helena, both from Finland

This lovely card and beads came from Marja in the Netherlands and took a very roundabout route to reach me - the Post Office took so long to deliver it that Marja was about to make another one thinking this was lost! I am glad she did not have to.
Very hot and humid weather here, but we have been missing all the rain.  I am about to start trying to catch up with some of the classes from Lynda Monk's book.  I have rusted some papers and fabric so shall try to make a book later.  I was not very successful at shrinking some other stuff shall try that again too.  All this can be done in the air conditioned section of the house!


  1. The cards you received are wonderful. Hope you are well Robin

  2. That's a fantastic collection of cards you have Robin - love the beads too.
    I have printed off Lynda Monk's free lessons but not done anything with them yet. Waiting for my brains and creativity to emerge from under their blanket of germy fug!

  3. What beautiful cards Robin. I had a play with Lynda's scrumple technique using fabric the other day and it worked really well.

  4. Beautiful cards! A belated happy birthday?

    I have opened Lynda M's first page, so far. so much to do ;)

  5. All the cards are lovely Robin, and I'm sure appreciated very much by you. I hope your humidity isn't too high up there. It's been a bit nasty here, but thankfully the rain has eased for the time being at least.

    I've done some rusting, but haven't tried the scrumpling yet, a bit busy helping hubby just now.

    I hope you and your sister are feeling well. Take care.


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