Saturday, 14 January 2012

Birthday cards

Today I have been able to open my birthday cards from the Fibre Fever members.  The two above are from Anne and Helga, both in Germany.

These are from Ati in Norway and Ashenka in Russia.

These are from Margreet in the Netherlands and Peggy in USA.

This one is from Maureen in Australia, and she also sent me the wonderful collection of goodies in the next photo.

There are still another 7 cards to come - a fascinating collection from all over the world.

I spent a long, frustrating couple of days cancelling our travel arrangements and trying, with some success to obtain refunds.  I looked at a lot of blogs while I was on hold on the phone! Virgin have given me a credit for the amount of money I spent on the flights, less a cancellation fee.  So now we have to work out where we want to go in the next twelve months and book before the 3rd April!  Then I guess I hope we are all well enough to keep to our plans the next time!
My sister is recovering, home from hospital yesterday, not aching nearly so much now, but I will be glad to get down there to see for myself.
I have downloaded the first free online class from Lynda Monk's book, so shall gather together some bits and pieces to take away with me.  We should have some play time together while I am there and then I may have something productive to bring home with me.  It all looks very interesting.  I should be back on 24th, but may even post while I am in Buderim.


  1. What's to figure out Robin---come to Canberra.
    Happy Birthday too.

  2. Glad you are organised, better go and download Linda's class.

  3. Happy Birthday Robin - your cards are all beautiful.
    So glad your sister is recovering and feeling more comfortable.

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Robin. What a lovely set of cards. Glad to hear that your sister is recovering and that you were able to sort out your cancellation.

  5. The cards are all so lovely, and that bag of goodies an excellent addition to your stash. I've downloaded the LM lesson too, and will try to find time to play with paper and rust later this week. I am so pleased to hear your sister is recovering. Hope the flight issue is sorted out in time. Take care, and look forward to your return home.


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