Friday, 6 January 2012

Summer flowers

Nothing much of interest has been happening around here.  I know I have showed photos of these trees before, but the Buckinghamia (Ivory Curl) and the Euodia are both looking magnificent this summer

You probably need to click on this to reach its largest size, then you may see the lorikeet gorging itself.  They have a wonderful time, but they are quite destructive, breaking off quite large branches sometimes.  they also make a loud screeching noise, but we still love having them.

Now this Clivea should certainly not be flowering now, but I was so amazed I had to show you.  I had to move them all after the tree fell over almost two years ago and this is the first flower since then.
I have actually been dong a bit of stitching, but I can't show you till the pages and birthday cards reach their destinations.  I am so pathetically slow with hand stitching - only stab stitch, that is all I can manage with my stiff fingers - that I have taken about three times as long as I expected to finish them off.  Now I hope to have a few days working on Lynda Monk's new book - it is so full of inspiration.


  1. I have Lynda's book too - don't know where to start!
    Gorgeous blooms - we have had a few sprigs of cherry blossom out since Christmas. It shouldn't flower till mid-March.
    Enjoy your stitching - let it be relaxing!

  2. Beautiful foilage & fauna - very colourful and inspirational!

  3. The trees are beautiful - are they the flowers or fruit that the lorikeet is eating? Look forward to seeing the pages and experiments form Lynda's book. Have you seen that her free online classes start on Jan 14th?

  4. The trees and their blooms are just beautiful Robin, thank you for always sharing such lovely things from your part of the world. I am sorry your stitching is not as easy as it used to be. I also got notification about the online classes to go with the book and shall be counting down the sleeps. Thank you too for popping into my blog regularly.

  5. That clivea is so pretty even if it is not the right time. Our neighbours have some which are just at our shared fence line.

    The Linda Monks book sounds like it is a "must have".

    I am off to have a look for it online.


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