Wednesday, 11 January 2012

December book pages

Can only show the two pages now as Helga's did not arrive till yesterday.  She lives in Germany.

This was my December page to Kath in Greece. Her theme is the sea, and this was from a picture of a very stormy sea.  I love the way the internet connects us to people all over the world, we have a Russian in the group now and she has brought a very different perspective, fascinating.
I should be getting myself sorted to go to Bali for my nephew's wedding, leaving next Monday.  However I think I shall only be going as far as Buderim as my sister is back in hospital having had a major epileptic seizure (we think).  The doctors have ordered evry test imagineable so should know something definite by tomorrow.  I really can't see her being able to travel in a week, so I shall go to her for 8 days instead.  At least she hasn't broken any bones this time, and we can always look at all the photos and probably a video as well!   I may even be able to start work on Lynda Monk's online classes while I am there - who knows.


  1. Both pages are gorgeous Robin. It is wonderful how many cultures are brought together because of stitching.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sister, and perhaps the end to your trip, however, it may be for the best with the Indonesian tsunami thing last night. I hope they find some definitive about your sister's condition.

    I'm looking forward to the online lessons, and hope you can find the time to do them.

    I'm behind with my emails, but hope to catch up soon. Cheers.

  2. Oh dear Robin, It seems to be one thing after another. The same here too, I have had to go up another mg on the cortisone as I ache so much and my hands dont want to work. My older sister has just had a new heart vlave and seems to be ok thank goodness, and now another friends husband has been back in hospital and things are a bit uncertain.
    I am sure it is age but I really dont want to give in.

  3. Beautiful pages Robin. So sorry to hear about your sister - hope the hospital will find helpful treatment for her and that she will soon be feeling more comfortable.
    Bali - what a stunning setting for a family wedding.

  4. All good wishes for a speedy recovery and outcome for your sister and her health issues. Enjoy the wedding.

  5. You may be better off in Buderim Robin---love the pages.

  6. Beautiful pages Robin. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your sister. I do hope they can find the cause quickly. What a shame that you may have to miss out on the trip to Bali and the wedding.


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