Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My sister's garden

I came home late yesterday from my visit to Buderim (instad of Bali).  Barb is making a good recovery and has now been officially diagnosed as having epilepsy.  She is on medication so should stabilise and be able to drive again by the end of March.  Thank goodness she didn't break any bones in this episode.
We were both very disappointed not to be in Bali, but I am glad not to have had the 9 hour plane trip.  We watched the wedding in a sort of fashion on skype.  Unfortunately the band width was not very good so the picture and sound broke up quite a bit, but we could see how lovely the bride looked.
The weather was pretty wet most of the time I was there, but I managed a few photos of her lovely garden.

This is a beautiful allamanda which I am thrilled to get such a good closeup photo with my new camera.

This is not a wonderful photo, but it was raining!  This is a magnificent climbing frangipani (Chonemorpa Fragrans) which I had never heard of before.  The perfume was glorious.

We managed to do a little bit of walking and this is one of the many Tibouchinas on the streets.  The colour is spectacular all round Buderim.

I have no idea what this plant is - in the front garden of  a house we walked past.   I would love to know a bit more about it as I really like it.

Here is part of Barb's very sodden garden before the really heavy rain started! Thank goodness she lives on the top of the hill so has no flood worries.  I travelled to Brisbane by bus to catch the plane and took over an hour longer than normal to reach the airport.  Flooding all round the place again today, now moving down into northern NSW.  I really feel for them.  I just came home to very sticky, overcast weather and no rain!


  1. That is good news that your sister has her diagnosis and that it is something that can be controlled with medication. What beautiful plants she has in her garden. The allamanda is gorgeous, so is that Tibouchina.

  2. What gorgeous flowers in and around your sister's beautiful garden. So glad she is making such good progress and will soon be able to drive again. Hope you are not too hot and humid. It is still mild here, but we still have February to get through and who knows what that might bring.

  3. Glad there is a positive diagnosis, not what is wanted but at least you know. I think the plant is a pineapple lily, cant remember off hand its botanical name.
    Certainly has been wet up there, our friend on the
    gold coast tells us how much she gets in her rain gauge.
    wish we were getting some, so dry here.

  4. Hello Robin, lovely to have you 'home' again. Gmail seemed to be bouncing my notes to you {????}. It did rain heavily, didn't it. I am sorry, yet relieved regarding your sister's diagnosis. I hope it can be managed for her.

    The garden is absolutely beautiful. I am fairly sure, as Penny has said, that the flower is a Pineapple Lily - I thin Eucomis is the family. They are spectacular, but unfortunately, most of the time it is not humid enough for us here to grow them. Cheers for now.


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