Wednesday, 26 October 2011

And still no stitching

Some day soon I hope I get back into my workroom to do some stitching!  The painters have finished, yippee, but there are still heaps and heaps of boxes of china and crystal to wash and put away - after I have taken it out of its paper wrappings.

It is interesting to see some of my collections all together though.  Many years ago I bought a beautiful blue glass bowl - which I subsequently shattered, muchto my distress.  Since then, my family and friends have continued to give me blue glass. 

Bill bought the jar/vase on the front right in Isfahan when he was working in Iran for  a short while.  It is supposed to be very old, but who really knows - it makes a good story and brings back memories.

I really had to make sure this was all cleaned before it went back on the shelves.  Many of these pieces have come from Bangladesh - Bill also worked there - or were given to us by visiting Asian sugar consultants - so they all have a story. 

The two large copper plaques came from Bangladesh, the one on the left was supposedly buried during the independence fighting.  Bill's first trip to Bangladesh took place just after  the assassination of the President at the time - early 70's and I can't remember his name.  Martial law was in place, but the aid mission went ahead - the wives were not very happy about it!

This is a different collection - from my mother-in-law.  She had so many beautiful lace doilies and runners.  I am not sure what I will eventually do with them, probably cut them up and use them in stitching.  None of the younger ones are interested in them.
I have tried to show the very pretty blue the living room has been painted, but the colour has not come out properly at all.  We are thrilled with the painting - and very thrilled not to be having to get out of the kitchen by 7am in the morning!


  1. Your collections are all beautiful Robin - the glass is a similar colour to Bristol Blue Glass. I love brass and copper and your lace pieces are exquisite.

  2. What lovely collections. The lace is just gorgeous and those blue pieces would make a superb image for an art quilt. Glad you are happy with the painting.

  3. What gorgeous collections Robin, thank you for giving us a look at your lovely things, and the stories behind some of them. I love all of these too of course, especially the brass. I have some small brass jewellery pieces. I also have a lovely cross stitch chart showing a variety of 'blue bottles', something I would like to do one day.........

    Those lace pieces are just lovely too of course. It seems the younger ladies don't like these, as I experience much of the same.

    Lovely post Robin, and so pleased to hear home is back to normal again for you both. Take care.


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