Sunday, 6 November 2011

Some birds at the Gardens

I have finally managed a short walk in the Gardens again taking my new camera along with me.  I am really thrilled with the zoom in this coolpix camera - much improved on my old camera, but no doubt that is because it is newer!

The ubiquitous white ibis were there.  they are such a pest in lots of places, but I must admit that they like to eat baby cane toads, so I am quite glad they are around!  Some Pacific black ducks were sunning themselves as well.

This is much better when you click on it to enlarge.  The tree in front of the deck is not really dead - trees in the tropics tend to lose all their leaves in the spring, this one will be covered in new leaves and beautiful pink flowers in another month or so.

This egret is stalking its food in a carpet of a terrible weed - water hyacinth.  The gardeners fight a continuous battle against this, at the moment the weed seems to be winning, but there are weevils trying to eat their way through the weed.

I really love this desert rose - can't remember its proper name.
Not sure when I shall be back walking again as my right knee has packed it in once again and my left hip has decided to get in on the act as well! Just old age and arthritis I know, but I wish it would go away.  We have suddenly got some hot and very sticky weather which I don't think is helping.  I shall have to hide in the air conditioning and do some stitching instead.


  1. Some wonderful photos of the birds Robin.........sorry to hear about your arthritis and pains....i did have to laugh when you said about the warm weather as here we would blame it on the cold weather lol....wishing you well x

  2. I thought that too but it turned out to be polymyalga, still fighting that as well now as a toe that had an excision, one thing afer another. Love the photos.

  3. Lovely photos. Is it the cane toad that was imported into Australia and has consequently become a pest? Sorry to hear about the arthritis flaring up again. I do hope that the weather conditions improve for you soon.

  4. The photographs are gorgeous Robin, and enlarge beautifully. Everything is so clear. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains giving you grief again.

    We are seeing cane toads here too now, wretched things. Thankfully, they are not as prevalent as you have them in the north, but no doubt they'll adapt - that's what they do.

    Try to take it easy, and again thanks for sharing what you see in your world.

  5. I always love your pictures of the gardens Robin and these are so clear with the new camera.

    Sorry to hear your knee and hip are not good....hope they improve in the aircon.

    Maybe when more people know the ibis eat baby cane toads they will be kinder about the ibis.


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