Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New Camera

I have a new camera as my old Canon would only take photos on very rare occasions and that is worse than useless.  I debated between another Canon and a Nikon Coolpix, eventually choosing the Nikon.  I am having second thoughts now - too late of course - as the Nikon is noisy.  It beeps when it is focussed and ready to shoot, then makes a very loud click as you take the photo!  I have discovered on the pet portrait setting it doesn't do that but I haven't experimented with many photos to see how they turn out.
I have just uploaded 4 photos and blogger has put them all above the text - it is being very contrary today, I do wish they wouldn't keep changing the way it works.
I was experimenting with macro and zoom photos - I love both on this camera.  The first photo is of the lovely Cape York Lilies in the Botanic Gardens.  I was very worried till I came home and checked that mine are still growing.  I had dug them up a couple of months ago by mistake as I had completely forgotten they were there.  I replanted them immediately, and sure enough, I have spikes appearing.  I am sure mine usually flower after Christmas so I have no idea why these ones are in flower now - mine came from the Gardens.  The yellow flower is such a glorious yellow and the leaves are a very dense, very dark green to make a huge contrast.  It is a Golden Guinea tree.
The next two photos were using the zoom, the first one about half way and the next one almost full.  they are incredibly sharp.  Now of course I need to study the manual - at least I have a paper one as well as the CD - and take lots and lots of photos to learn how to make the best use of the camera.
Our oldest son turns 42 today - where have the years gone - so I shall take some night shots when we go out there for dinner.  We were going to have a BBQ but the weather is horrid, blowing hard with gusts to 35 knots, and the occasional shower, so I suspect Nikki is having a rethink.
I think the painters will be finished in two days, that will be wonderful after three weeks!  We have moved the furniture back into the main rooms, but only a few books back onto the shelves so far.  All the crystal and china is still in boxes, too hard to get to while we don't have much access to the kitchen.  I will get done in time.

Thank goodness for Penny's comment on Doreen's blog - I have managed to get rid of that slideshow, much nicer just being able to clidk on the photos and have them enlarge!

Thank goodness for technologists in the family.  Dougal took away the sounds in the camera with no trouble at all.  Now I can use it in concerts or wherever without interfering with the programme!


  1. These pics with the new camera are so sharp and clear - you must be very pleased with them. Gorgeous blooms and scenes.
    Sounds as if the end is in sight with the decorating. You won't know what to do when everything is back in place!!

  2. Nothing like the grapevine to spread the word Robin.
    We have HRH in town for a few days so I won't be getting tangled up in all the fuss-anyway it's to hot to go outside.

  3. Glad to help Robin. do wish they wouldstop making so called improvements, I like things the way they were.
    I use a nikon coolpix but is probably older and a different one to yours. the photos look great.

  4. I have the Nikon Coolpix too Robin, after a Canon Ixus. I like it in some ways, but if I had to choose again, I'd go for a Canon. Having said that, I could not fault your photographs, they are beautiful. The zoomed ones are still very clear and sharp. I love that yellow flower too, it's so beautiful.

    I am sure your house will feel so brand new when all the painters have vacated the place. It's not easy to live around them though, is it. Take care.

  5. Great results from the new camera Robin. Thank goodness people are finding the way to get rid of the slideshow setting.

  6. Everyone's so helpful, aren't they? I was told to change from Internet explorer to help with commenting & so far it's worked! We'll get round these new fangled ways!

    Lovely pics & so glad you're managing not to limp ;)


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