Monday, 10 October 2011


Whoo hoo, the arthroscopy seems to have been a great success - I can walk without that telltale swinging limp!  My other foot has stopped hurting too, I am amazed, especially as the surgeon did not seem to hold out much hope - he was talking in terms of a knee replacement sometime next year.  I am being careful not to stretch my luck, just glad to get my life back again.

Look what wonderful goodies arrived in the mail today for me - I was lucky enough to win Dale's giveaway of black and white (and red) threads.  What a gorgeous selection, very hard to see all the lovely colours and textures, I can't wait to start using them - just have to get sorted for those pesky painters first!

Again this photo does not do the page sent from Helina justice.  All the pages are so different, I will have a wonderful variety by the end of this swap.
Very hot and dry here today with a horrid northerly wind blowing - probably blowing up a storm.  We could do with the rain, but I have polished furniture stored on a verandah where the wind could blow in - another couple of days yet before I can move it back inside, then the painters move into the kitchen - and I would love to move out!  I hate the thought of being completely out of the kitchen area by 7am - especially having to be dressed ready to go out for the day by then as well, because they are doing the hallway into the bedrooms and bathroom as well.  Ugh!  I know it will all be worth it in the end, but..................
One thing is certain, this is the last time we will be going through this process, the previous paint has lasted 35 years - I don't think we will still be around in another 35, and certainly would not be worrying about a coat of paint.


  1. It sounds like a good result if you are not limping. Don't overdo it though.

    The card is really pretty.

    I hope you have your house back to normal soon.

  2. That's wonderful news Robin - you must be delighted. Congrats on your giveaway and hope the weather holds till the furniture is safely inside again. It will be lovely when all is back to normal and so good to have all the work done for you. When we had just our kitchen done it seemed to affect the entire ground floor! Love the latest page - you'll end up with a gorgeous book.

  3. So glad it seems to have been a success. I felt so much better when I had mine done. Painting is always a pain your house is not your own. I do hope it doesnt rain before it all gets done.

  4. So good to hear you are moving more freely now Robin, great news indeed. Lovely surprise from Dale, well done to you. Your travelling page looks wonderful too.

    I do sympathize with you having your life disrupted with the painters. I hope it all gets done soon, and you can have your life back. I certainly pray you won't get your good furniture rained on.

    We got a wild storm at 3.00am Saturday morning, wind, hail, and a dumping - wheat crop ??????

    Take care and try not to overdo things.

  5. Fantastic news Robin, no wonder you are so delighted. Just been catching up with all the wonderful photos on the last few blog posts, thank you for sharing them. Congratulations too on winning that gorgeous selection from Dale.

  6. Great news about your knee Robin you must be thrilled, these operation can go wrong so easily.

    My sympathy for all the inconvenience the painters are creating, but when you see the lovely fresh walls you will realise it was worth it....and you will never have to go through that again....


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