Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Cezanne and some flowers

This is my October page for Fibre Fever - an interperetation (?) of the Cezanne picture below.  Some of the swap partners choose very difficult subjects I must say - however they make me stretch so that is a good thing.

Still no camera, but thank goodness for my mobile phone.  The ardisia is flowering magnificently this year, the little begonia beside it looks pretty also.  Everything has been shoved together to get out of the way of the painters.

This pandorea was planted after the tree disaster last year - we started off with two of them, but one died - thank goodness - we need to chop back half of this one it is growing so profusely!  Won't happen for a few weeks yet as I am not chopping while it is flowering so well.
We have been packing boxes frantically all day.  The painters should be spraying the roof tomorrow but the forecast is not looking promising so they will probably be in the living dining room instead - we are just about all clear in there but can hardly move anywhere else!
I am off to day surgery tomorrow morning too for an arthroscopy on my knee to see what is really wrong with it.  The doctor is not hopeful of a quick fix, but at least he will have a picture of what the inside of my knee looks like and can see what to do next - I am still hoping for the quick fix!  Not sure when I will be back to the computer - it is a desktop and up a lot of stairs.


  1. Hope all goes well with your knee. Take care.

  2. Hope you get some treatment for your knee. Lovely pics of blossoms and your interpretation of the Cezanne painting is great - I love the colours. At least you can't do housework with boxes everywhere!

  3. Robin, good luck with the knee. Hope you get some good results and prospect for a mend.

    I think your Cezanne is brilliant. Thank you for sharing that. Love your flowers.

  4. Dont do too much after the arthroscope, at least 4 days, but hope something can be done. Mine is now great but has taken ages, and I did have a bad tear that was repaired.
    Love your cezanne, very clever.

  5. Hope all is going well with your knee surgery. Love the photographs. The Pandorea is a beautiful climber. It grows well here too, probably not as rampant as where you live.

    I love your Cezanne interpretation, you've done very well.

    Have a great weekend.


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