Monday, 3 October 2011

More Brisbane photos

One of our visits was to Roma Street Parklands on the site of the old Roma Street railyards in the centre of the city.  What used to be an eyesore has been turned into a very beautiful and much used area with lots of water features as well as exhibition lawns. Click on all the photos to get a better view.

I loved these pots of petunias

This water dragon is real - we came across 8 of them basking in the sun together a bit further on.  Some of the overseas visitors get very frightened, but they are completely harmless and not a bit frightened of all the foot traffic!

We also visited Mt. Tambourine Botanic Gardens - formed in 1982 and planted and maintained completely by volunteers. they have done a superb job, clearing lantana infested land and deveeloping a blend of sub-tropical rainforest and carefully planned exotic species.
I love camellias, but I have no idea which one this is.

there are many endangered species of palm here.

I have never seen this fringe flower before, the photo doesn't do it justice - too much very bright sunlight.  Thebotanical name is awful - loropetalum chinense 'rubrum'.

The contrast with the wisteria, bromeliads and tall gums in the background was wonderful

I had to show you this yellow clivea - another favourite of mine, probably because it is too hot to grow them here!
My camera gave up taking photos after this - maybe just as well or there would have been lots more photos!  I am really cross though and haven't solved the problem yet, it may be terminal and I shall have to get a new one.  Our washing machine died two days before we went away - that was really devastating, but thank goodness we could get another one and have it delivered that same day so I could wash everything in sight.
I am just wondering what will be the third thing to give up - the bank balance does not like any of this!


  1. Such wonderful tropical plants and what a transformation the new Parkland is - great for the residents of those blocks of flats. The water dragon does look a little fearsome but very interesting and not unlike the tiny baby newt I came across in the garden the other day - except it was only about 1" long! Hope your bank balance isn't the third thing to break down!!

  2. All the photos are spectacular Robin, and enlarging them is certainly worthwhile. I am finding it difficult to pick a favourite, but I suppose I am drawn to the 'petunia stack', what a wonderful idea. I also find it interesting to see the yellow clivea, having only seen the orange one. They grow particularly well in the gardens here, despite the heat [lack of humidity I guess]. Thanks for 'the trip. Sorry to hear about all your gear breaking down. It does always seem to happen at once. Whatever is wrong with your camera certainly doesn't entail the quality of the image!!


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