Sunday, 6 June 2010

A TOM and a POM

The Technique of the Month for June has been using shiva stiks and this is what I ended up doing - I have known about this technique forever but had never got around to trying it - sometimes it is good to be pushed.

After I had cured the shiva and removed the mask I stitched down the centres of the black bars, before making more souvenirs.

This is from the Product of the Month group - Dale Rollerson sends us a parcel of goodies every month with which to experiment.  Again, I have had some Luminarte polished pigments for a long time without really knowing what to do with them so this was a lovely wakeup call.  I was going to use this fabric as the lining forthe glassess case, but I thought it was a bit scratchy so I used some on the backs of the bookmarks instead.

This piece which will become another glasses case combines the two groups.  I used some of the soluble coluring pencils from last month's POM and some of my own to make the background, which I found a bit insipid, so I have stencilled it with gold paint and some pink luminarte.
I am enjoying these challenges, some of the techniques I will probably never try again, but several I most definitely will develop further.
I have finally got around to putting a header photo up - this is at the Botanic Gardens, taken a while ago.  Unfortunately the lagoon doesn't look as clear as that now as we have had some problems with water weed, but the weed has all been sprayed - with a new spray which doesn't affect the oxygen levels of the lagoon, so that is great.  Perhaps in another few weeks the water will be lovely and clear again.
The weather here has been absolutely perfect, beautiful clear sunny days.  There have been so many functions on over the last couple of weekends that have been successful beyond belief - probably because of the weather.  The Gardens Friends group has had a presence at a couple of these and now I shall have to get going to make lots more souvenirs as my stuff sold out!  I just wish this stupid virus would clear up so I can get some energy back again.  Bill is almost better so hopefully I shan't be far behind.


  1. great results Robin, I really like the piece with the butterflies.

  2. I love the results Robin. The new header was the first thing I noticed, so lovely I almost didn't get down to your blog post!

  3. Love the new header Robin and your Shiva souvenirs are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you do with those lovely experimental pieces. Hope you soon start to feel stronger.

  4. Robin, the header photo is magnificent, such a peaceful place.
    Love the TOM/POM pieces, and especially the lovely bookmarks you've made, it's no wonder your souvenirs 'walk out the door'. I really like the way you've stitched on the masked black area, thus giving it a little colour as well. I am also enjoying using things I purchased but never used until the 3CS girls gave me a kick in the pants!!!
    Do hope you will all be feeling better soon, and so glad your weather has been pleasant.

  5. Love the Shiva stick pieces--I must use mine one day.
    Nice to see the Feedjit up and working


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