Saturday, 19 June 2010

A morning at the Gardens

There was a gardening bee at the Botanic Gardens this morning.  I don't do any of the actual planting or gardening - arthritic joints don't like that very much.  But....everyone thinks I am an essential part of the morning as I provide the morning smoko!  This morning's was a little late as I couldn't resist stopping to take a shot of this blue cheeked honeyeater feeding on the succulents - and I am sorry I don't know their name.  We were quite close to him but he took almost no notice of us.

Here are some of the workers hard at it.  This is one of the beds which was severely damaged in the cyclone, but it should look lovely in about another year when all the shrubbery has grown again.

This row of Bauhinia Blakeana trees is growing alonside where everyone was working.  they make a lovely show at this time of the year.  Stupidly, I didn't think of taking a closeup of the beautiful orchid-like flowers.  You may see more detail if you click to enlarge.
The weather was sunny and almost hot this morning while the planting was happening, but now a very cold wind has arrived from the south, clouds have come across and it is thoroughly unpleasant outside.  Our son and his family are all camping out with the district scout groups at a local dam.  I know canoeing is on the agenda for the scouts - I guess they are all young and won't feel a thing. Brrrrr.  I shall stay inside and do my gardening tomorrow, I think the change will have gone through then.


  1. The honeyeater makes a lovely picture posed among the flowers. I'd say you are definitely a vital part of the gardening bee! It's no good being impatient when you have to wait a whole year or longer for an entire bed to recover from damage like that. I love the Bauhinia trees - it must be wonderful to see them 'in the flesh'. Don't envy your family camping in those conditions. You asked why I was popping bubblewrap - it's quite therapeutic and a good time waster - anything to put off getting down to work on my project!

  2. Lovely photos, especially the honeyeater ( such a lovely name). How good to see the volunteers working so hard to repair the ravages of the cyclone. What is a smoko? I am definitely learning a new vocabulary lately.

  3. Lovely shots again Robin. I LOVE all of your photos. What a wonderful picture of the honeyeater. We get them here, and the olive green oriole type ones too. I am sure the workers appreciate the smoko you provide. Also love the bauhinia trees in bloom, so pretty. Thanks so much.


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