Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tidying up and walking

Yesterday I had to have a very large cleanup in my workroom to find some stuff which I really needed.  I came across this bag which I thought I would show you before I returned it to its proper home downstairs.  About twenty years ago, I made this bag in a workshop with Gabriella Verstraaten.  This was one of my earliest ventures into textile art and Gabriella is such a gifted teacher.  We had so much fun, she taught us how to change the colour of a piece totally by overlaying some organza - I can;t find any of the original pieces of fabric I used, it was a horribly garish orangy colour, overlayed with a browny gold organza.
The sunbirds have come back to build another next at the Gardens - again on the creeper right over the stairs where everyone walks down!  I am not sure if they have abandoned the nest or they are still building, I shall make enquiries.

This is the lovely flower of the Tecomanthe creeper on which the sunbirds are building their nest.

The Lagoons looked so peaceful in the late afternoon when Jock and I were walking yesterday.


  1. Hi Robin, love the bag. The colours are so earthy. My sort of colours.

    The pic of the lagoon is especially beautiful.

  2. Love the header Robin - so peaceful - that bag is really something too.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog - and so pleased to have found yours, the bag is fabulous and if that's one of your first textile pieces, then I'm very impressed! Will read back further on your blog when I'm not dashing out x

  4. Isnt it wonderful to ralise that we actually made glorious things like your bag so long ago, but then was it really so long ago?
    Love it and the other pics.

  5. Your bag is gorgeous Robin and the sunbirds' nest is amazing - it looks quite 'textiley' too. The flowers on the creeper are going to be gorgeous when they open fully and your last picture is so tranquil.

  6. It's a wonderful bag. Shisha is one of the main things I taught, so it's imprinted on my mind. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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