Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fibre Fever page and some poppies

Here is the fabric page I made for Yoke - she has been away on holidays and has only just returned home.  I was starting to worry that the page had gone astray.  Yoke's theme is bridges.  The stream looks a bit strange, I can't get it to look any better with either a photo or a scan.  I used some irise film which has an almost holographic effect. 

I was asked to make this group of souvenirs with these poppy paper napkins.  I made some bookmarks and a padfolio quite some time ago, then decided they looked too bright and garish, so didn't make any more.  Just goes to show, what one dislikes another likes!  Actually, I quite like them again, perhaps it is something to do with the seasons.
Not much happening round here, Bill very generously shared his cold with me, then I lost my voice - perhaps that is a good thing too.  It is very slowly coming back, my energy is taking even longer.  I have so much I need to do, can't believe almost half the year has gone already! 


  1. Robin, great little landscape piece. I like the stream. I have some irisé film but have never used it. What a great idea.
    I like the brightly coloured pieces too, but probably wouldn't have thought they'd be a 'hit'. It is surprising what attracts people to things like this. All of your work is stunning, and would most definitely walk out the door. Thanks for the pretties this morning.

  2. Robin, this is my first visit to your blog: the ATC is so pretty.

    I do like the poppies. They are among my favourite flowers (it is a long list).

  3. Leave that stream just as it is - it looks good to me. Could you please explain about the poppy paper napkins as the finished articles look so good, please.

  4. I love the page and the stream is really effective. The poppy pieces are fantastic, just right for Summer (oops forgot that it's Winter out there with you)

  5. The page is fantastic Robin and the bookmarks etc. are fabulous.

  6. Your fibre page is lovely Robin and I like the water. The poppy souvenirs are great and very cheerful. It sounds as if that cold is international as Dick and I have had one very similar. I lost my voice and had no energy. It is just now returning thank goodnes as there is masses to do in the garden. Hope you both feel better soon.

  7. Can you explain how you make these souvenirs with poppy paper napkins. Do you put some foil on the paper before sewing them or what is the secret. They are of season now and I really like them.


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