Thursday, 17 June 2010

June page for Fibre Fever swap

This is the fabric page I made for Lise in the Fibre-Fever swap.  Her theme is doors and I know she likes medieval doors.  I first painted the piece of calico with white house paint, then embedded scrim onto it to givesome sort of texture like an old stone wall.  The doors are paper with various layers of paint, then some Xpandaprint puff paint and more colour then some stitching.  After I had done some stitching to make the stone blocks, I washed over everything with a pale wash of walmut ink.  This is comnpletely different from the sorts of things I usually make, but I have enjoyed the challenge and Lise like it - that is the important part.
A beautiful fine day today, almost hot.  The plumbers have not turned up to put on our new roof, they now say they are coming next Monday.  I just hope the weather holds, next week is show week here and we usually get rain!  The garden could do with some rain, but I would prefer to use the hose till the roof is on.  That will be the last of the repairs, seems like a long time , but there are many others around Mackay who will have to wait another few months yet for their repairs to be completed.   


  1. A lovely page and, as you say, very different to your normal style. Does it open? Why are plumbers coming to fit a new roof?

  2. Fabulous page Robin-this group really makes us step outside our comfort zone doesn't it.

  3. Those doors look interesting Robin - I like the sound of the technique you used. Hope the roof is on before it rains.

  4. I love your door page Robin - I like medieval doors too. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us. Hope the roof gets fixed before the weather changes. The builders must be flat out with all the repairs that are necessary after that storm.

  5. Great piece Robin. I love it, and thanks ever so much for the description of your methods. Lovely of you to share them. Doors are an interesting subject. I too am wondering if those doors open??
    Hope the roof issue is over and done before there is rain - we need it here, badly!!!

  6. Well, I could send you some rain from Melbourne, and some very cold winds too.

    thanks for the pic and the description of how you made it. It looks fabulous.


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