Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Back from Brisbane

Well, I am back from Brisbane after an absolutely fabulous few days.  I came home very tired on course, so didn't get to post anything during yesterday - thought I would do it after we came home from an early evening drinks function.  There was some delicious tasting food there..........but, I came home with an awful case of food poisoning, so no posting, I spent the night trying to get past the cramps and vomiting, ugggh!
Dale and Jacinta had a fantastic artists at work area, always surrounded by lots of eager watchers.  They were both very happy to answer all our questions.  Jacinta is rolling one of her felted pieces here. 
And here it is unrolled, with some of the pieces on show, not quite felted yet.  If you click on the photos you should see a bit more.
There was just so much to see, I have heaps of photos which I haven't had time to edit yet, so over the next few days I will bore you with some of them. These bags are part  of a collection of bags in a challenge. I don't know who made most of them, I found it very hard to read the descriptions, they were on pages attched to the wall almost at floor level!
If this post is set out in a peculiar way it is because I am still trying to get used to the new blogger way of setting photos and text out - I am not sure I like it, stuff keeps showing up in the wrong place!
I need to do some shopping so more tomorrow.


  1. glad someone took some photos Robin - the bag at the top is Nicky Tepper's and was the winner - like you I had to move my head up and down to see whose was what.

  2. wonderful photos, waiting for more!

  3. Great photos. I hope you have got over your food poisoning.


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