Saturday, 26 July 2008


I have managed to upload these images in the wrong order, and I don't have time to fix them up. We have a thunbergia mysorensis creeper growing in our garden, it has these lovely long racemes of flowers and the sunbirds love them. There are always at least three or four flitting around when the flowers are out. The males have a beautiful deep blue breast. They are nesting in our next door neighbour's garden with the sort of nest pictured above. The birds are completely fearless and will build their nests right where people walk! At Bill's workplace years ago a pair built right over the grinding wheel in the engineering workshop - the sparks didn't worry them, and when the place was shut up at night they just folded their wings as the flew at speed through the wire mesh doors!

Today has been a beautiful sunny winter day here, quite cool (for us), really lovely after the miserable weather earlier in the week - the rain was welcome though. Great day to be in the garden, especially while the soil is still damp. I didn't have nearly long enough.
I have been playing around with making some paper fabric from Beryl Taylor's instructions, I want to make some more bookmarks and spectacle cases, as nearly all my souvenirs have been sold. I have brought home lots of ideas from the forum, should have some to show soon.
I am off to watch Funnyface on ABC2 while Bill watches the rugby upstairs, I am not a fan of football of any kind and would prefer to knit somewhere else !

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