Wednesday, 9 July 2008

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Just a couple more photos tonight. This is the front and back cover pushed together of the little alchemy book I made in the class with Jacinta. We fused tissue paper onto some felt then fused bits and pieces of fabric, threads, screwed up pieces of paper, foil - anything we liked to give some texture, then stitched everything down and painted over the top with some watercolours. Then stitched again, quite heavily so nothing stuck up too much. Added some metallic paints after that. I loved the end result.
I should have had a window in the front cover with some etched velvet behind it, but I stuffed that up, so redesigned with another insert and some glued on beads - everything becomes a design element then doesn't it!!!

These are some of the folded pages from inside the book. I can't take credit for the lovely look. Jacinta did them for me as she was demonstrating watercolour painting tips to us all. I love the end result, and will eventually attach some small doodads or something similar to each page.
I still haven't managed to sort and clean up my goodies from the Forum, and it is most frustrating, especially as I want to start on my online design journal class. I have downloaded two weeks of it and I can see that week three will arrive before I have started on the other two! While I would love just to ignore everything else and just play, this is a busy time of the year for both the Botanic Gardens and The University Library Society with which I am heavily involved. We are holding a large secondhand book sale at the University in about a month's time, I have to collect about seven boxes of books tomorrow. The good thing about sorting the books is that the sorters get first pick and sometimes some real gems come in.
Winter has arrived here at last, quite cold for us - expecting to go down to about 5 degrees tomorrow morning, but should warm up to about 19 maximum. I love it like that, but my husband absolutely hates it, and lets everyone know! Our blue heeler cattle dog just loves this weather and becomes so energetic, he thinks he is a young pup again I think.
I am off to bed, it's getting late and I have an early start tomorrow.


  1. Love the book Robin was it a good class?
    Maybe you and I could do the journal class on our own I just can't seem to get into it properly at present--still finishing Dale's embellisher course.

  2. I agree with Doreen, the journal class is being done in very small bits. I would love to do a class with Jacinta and looks as if you had great fun. Like the idea of usnig watercolor as well as everything else.


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