Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Some old stuff

I still don't seem to have anything new to show so thought I would post a picture or two of this bag I made for my sister some time ago. I had a lot of fun making this - a base of transfer dyed panne velvet covered with painted vleisofix and chunky threads, then covered with black chiffon and fused. I painted some xpandaprint over some areas, heated it and painted with halo blue green lumiere - I love that colour. I had previously made a flower button from shrinkit plastic (about my only success with that stuff) and attached some twisted cords for the strap.

I have got as far as choosing some silk rovings to make some silk paper tomorrow as the start of a book cover for my future daughter-in-law who has a birthday at the end of next week. I will need to work a bit faster than I usually seem to or I won't get it there in time.

My eye is feeling really good today, much to my surprise, perhaps the doctor is getting lots more practice! He took nearly twice as long to infuse the injection this time, I think that is the reason I have had no headaches or after effects at all. I am still not supposed to do anything much for a while after so I took the opportunity last night of watching Sabrina, the lovely old Audrey Hepburn movie which I had recorded last Saturday. I know ABC2 is showing all her old films over the next few weeks, what an indulgence that will be.

We have had a drizzly sort of a day here, hardly any decent rain, just a nuisance. The minimum temperatures have been a record for July - because they are so high! The minimum temp a couple of nights ago was 21 degrees. Last night was 20 minimum and today was 20 maximum, no change for 24 hours!!!

Time for bed, perhaps more to show tomorrow.


  1. Wow, that's some purse Robin. Just gorgeous.

    Glad your eye is feeling good and hope you'll be doing more crafty things very soon.

  2. I agree this is some bag, I love the colours and the way you have done it.
    I am being a bit slow with my Journal too but took lots of photos yesterday.


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