Thursday, 10 July 2008

Goodies from swap

This lovely doll brooch was waiting for me when I returned from Rockhampton. She is part of a swap with Susan Shepherd which she organised when she was feeling blue quite some time ago. She also sent the decorated star below


and som goodies for me to use. Thank you very much Susan.

I have been out and about today, beautiful sunny day, but a cool breeze blowing. By the time I collected books, did my stint in the history section of the library this morning and then delivered books and did grocery shopping this afternoon, I wasn't sure if I was hot or cold. I did manage to book some seats for a series of concerts though while I was out. Opera Queensland is visiting in a few weeks with The Magic Flute, always lovely. Then the winner of the Sydney Piano Competition will be here at the end of August, closely followed by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra. We live in a provincial city, but we do still manage to have some quality artists playing in our entertainment centre. They all tend to come fairly close together in the cooler months which is a shame.
That's all for today, I need to get the dinner, then I want to watch a DVD with last week's episodes of Silent Witness and The Spooks - before tomorrow night's episodes come on. I hope to start on another wild woman for Dale's swap while I am watching. I will probably end up just knitting socks while Spooks is on, I need to concentrate fairly hard on that one.

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