Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Egrets visiting

I took this photo when we were walking at the Botanic Gardens yesterday. I hope when you click on it, the photo enlarges so you can see all the white dots are egrets coming in to next in the tree overnight. There are also quite a few cormorants. They are there all year round, but the huge number of egrets are only there in the winter months. All my bird books make no mention of egrets being migratory, but these ones vanish in the hot, humid summer months. They are lovely to watch late in the afternoon as great clouds of them swoop and swirl before coming to rest in the Albizia trees.

I have sneaked away to make this post, I have a huge mess in my studio/sewing room - I have got to the point where I have no room to move and can't find anything, so I decided to clean up!!! Now I have a bigger mess, but I have found some interesting stuff I had quite forgotten about. I really need a Tardis, but will have to make do with some re-organisation. A few more things may sneak into the next room I think, I am gradually taking that one over as well. Trouble is, when the family comes to stay, that just means I have to find safe homes for even more stuff as the two rooms become bedrooms for a family of six!! I do love having them to stay though, the grandkids grow up so fast and we don't see nearly enough of them. Everyone leads such busy lives these days that even a 5 hour drive is too far to do more than twice a year.

Glorious witner weather here, sun shining brightly and not too much wind. Might be fairly cold tonight, but not like the cold down south - I saw where there was snow in Lindfield in Sydney yesterday, also on the granite belt in Queensland - I am glad I live up here.

Oh well, back to the sorting, then I can start playing with some of the goodies I have found.


  1. I love your sunbirds, it is a better day today and the sun is out after rain in the night, we have had about 4 inches for July which is good but still the creek hasnt flooded.
    We only get egrets here at certain times but not in the numbers in your photo.
    Know what you mean about cleaning up!

  2. Egrets are wonderful. So graceful.

    Happy sorting!


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