Monday, 14 July 2008

One spoilt dog

I think we have the most spoilt blue heeler in Mackay. Here is Jack outside, waiting for me to throw the ball for him - he never ever gets tired of chasing the ball - and the next photo is of Jack curled up asleep on the beanbags in the office!!!

He definitely likes his creature comforts, loves the cold weather and hates the heat. He barks at the door in the summer to be let into the airconditioned office, doesn't like coming downstairs at all, unless there is food involved, then that is a different story. We wouldn't be without him though, he is wonderful company, wouldn't hurt anyone, but looks and sounds very fierce, so that is still effective.

This next picture is a closeup of the flowers on one of the brachychiton bidwilii (little Kurrajong) trees in the Botanic Gardens. The tree doesn't look much but the flowers are spectacular.

This would probably be a good exercise for my online journal to work out how to translate it into stitch. I am enjoying reading about the lessons, but haven't achieved anything much to show yet.
At least I have finally caught up with all the paperwork which accumulated while I was away - or I think I have, there may still be a few bits lurking. Oh help, as I type this I realise I haven't entered any of the indexed stories from the local paper. I put these onto a computer file which I send to the Local History section of our library at the end of each month. Then researchers have access to the search-online facility to know which papers they need to access. Interesting, but time consuming too.
I probably won't post tomorrow night as I have just discovered I need to have another round of Lucentis injections in my eye, starting tomorrow. It sounds much worse than it really is, but I sometimes end up with bubbles in my eye which take a couple of days to disperse and look like big black movable blobs. I have macular degeneration, which has turned wet in my left eye and is apparently still leaking. Thank goodness, these days something can be done to stop the leakage, and occasionally, even restore some of the lost eyesight. I had never even heard of the condition when I was first diagnosed about 6 years ago, but now you read about it all the time.
I am very glad to be able to report that my new computer is running very well, and I am finally learning where all the buttons are on the different programmes. I guess it is really just laziness, we get used to one system, then it all changes overnight. I still can't do too much with my mobile phone though!! And the controller for the DVD recorder is hopeless, why can't we have simple gizmos without all the so called wonderful extras which I can't work and don't want anyway.

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  1. I'm with you Robin regarding all this latest technology--but if we get something with a new control Ebony has it figured out in no time--she showed us how to do something on the computer at the weekend which neither of us knew how to do.
    Outsmarted by an 8year old.


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